DEM Earth version 4.073 has been released

This version is available for R20,21,22,23 for both win and MAC

4.073 september 29th 2020

Fixed - tweetmap and traffic volumes.

Added - 3 new "no label" image layers. Voyager,Positron and Dark Matter

Updated - Smart OSM. Massive speed, and functionality updates. Clipping,filtering and ordering, have vastly changed. You can ow dow a lot moree with Smart OSM. 

updated - Poly Object, to work better with smart OSM.

updated = smart extruder, to work better with smart OSM.

fixed - possible error saving masks on manually imnported polys with multiple line endings after their name.

4.037 september 13th 2020

Added - setting in prefs for Downloader resulting file format. currently TIFF,PNG, EXR. default is TIFF.

Changed - Clean up in prefs "various" options.

changed - When you grab osm data with the OSM object, it no longer centers on the new data. Much better.

Added - exporting height data now exports a world file ,as well as the info file.

4.036 september 9th 2020

added - Reverse geocoding to the pinpoint object. press shift+mousedown to move a pinpoint in the viewport. When you release the mouse the address is recalculated and the pin gets renamed, and given an annotation tag.

new -     Geo Edge. An intelligent triangulation modifier.


4.035 september 6th 2020

fixed - an issue causing random crashes with the new background downloader. A nasty one, but it seems to be sorted now.

fixed - some rounding errors with the new geocoder. i.e. if you put in Amsterdam, it would round it to longitude 4 instead of 4.9 and you would be miles off.

added - a tiff loader. Exactly the same as the ASCloader, but a tiff takes up a lot let space, loads in instantly, and just better. it needs a world file to go with it. but if any of you use global mapper, this is a nice addition.

added - geocoder can now bake uvw coords to flat projection for you, in realtime, so you don't have to bake your textures for exporting.


fix for google image layers


complete rebuild of the entire project, for unified builds across R20,21,22 and beyond.

complete rebuild of height data downloading. no more waiting for height data to load.

Complete rebuild of the geocoder.

a lot of changes in preperation for R23 and beyond.



change all map layer urls to to https (from http)    

Open Streetmap, no labels fixed (server address changed)

Google layers fixed.

updated Esri World layer to the newer Clarity layer (better quality)

updated tile downloader. you should be able to increase the max threads now.

Fixed a bug/odd group/crash, in the prefs "cinemaplugins menu" top group.

Fixed a bug with strata on/off.

Fixed loads of other small bugs :)

added google terrain layer..

added a visual border to texture tags.

added the ability to segment parts of dem earth, and cut them out into standalone objects.

            this uses the georef tag to reproject the flat coordinates to uv space, in realtime.

            for this to work, you have to drop a specific texture tag, controlled by a georef tag, into the link slot, in the geomodifier.

            Probably needs a tut, but it is dead easy in the end(its magic).

    embedding an image via the georef tag now automatically detects the height of the layer.

    added an option in world settings to scale dem earth by the world scale factor.

    This creates super large dem earth, but you can now match it to you units, and don't have to scale your content to the size of a small dem earth.

    Try it.


    clean up of extensions/dem earth, where you can also find the plugins(as well as in the top menu)


works fine in R21,S/R22 :)

for the complete R4.xx pre this version, see

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