October : 2022

Voxygen 3.20 is very much alive and kicking for R23 to 2023. you can download and try the latest build on my discord server..

Version 1.69

  • Changed – Single User License – Team Render is now allowed for single user license (R15 or greater)
  • Changed – Cell Size to a slider (value can now go below the minimum slider manually)
  • Changed – Render Detail to a slider.

Version 1.60

  • Fixed – if you Delete the object link, voxygen would stop working.
  • Fixed – if you Delete the Deformer Link , Voxygen would  still see the deleted deformer.
  • Added – UVW mode “From source” this gives each Voxel the uv coordinates from the Geometry Linked object (if it has a uv tag)

Version 1.50 -  25 sept, 2013

  •    Compiled for R13.
  •    Minimum version is now R13

Version 1.33  -  10 sept, 2013

  •    Added an option for Cell UVW calculation. Off,Quick, Accurate.

Version 1.30

  •    Fixed - Deformers where not working at rendertime
  •    removed - history functionality. was causing a lot of problems. I will bring this back ASAP.

Version 1.29

  •    Fixed a potential crash bug rendering external with mograph generators.
  •    Added voxel count info
  •    Added a setting which allows you to change the execution of the linked modifier to either before or after effectors.
  •    Fixed an issue preventing source objects from being rendered external

Version 1.27

  •    Fixed a bug preventing effectors working in the external renderer.
  •    Stop Net Render Clients asking for serials.

Version 1.26

  •    Fixed a crash bug when running CSTO or make editable on voxygen object.
  •    Fixed a bug which was setting the wrong matrix for Point Cloud output.

Version 1.25

  •    Added Support for Effectors (pos,scale,rotation,uvw,visibility)

Version 1.24

  •    Cache history now renders with the IRR (interactive render region)
  •    Rendering to the picture viewer now renders full history without having to start at frame 0 (as an improved preview)
  •    Turning the Voxygen generator on/off no longer flushes the cache.
  •    Turning any sub objects on/off no longer flushes the cache.
  •    Added an option to enable/disable cache coloring.
  •    Memory Leak fixed.
  •    Reduced memory use.

Version 1.23

  •    Improved Cache scrubbing behavior for history
  •    History is now Colored from white (actual frame) to black(the oldest frame) mapped to the range of the history count.So you can use colorizer to shade this any way you want.

Version 1.22

  •    Added an aspect lock for geometry source.

Version 1.21

  •    Public release
  •    Final Name change to "Voxygen"