Version 4.013 Feb 19th 2020 (WIN + MAC R21)

  • Fixed a bug which effected the help system.
  • Fixed a bug limiting the size of dem earth via handle.
  • Fixed a bug in poly object preventing names in different languages from being read correctly.
  • fixed several small bugs.
  • fixed ASC direct loading where normals where inverted.
  • improved ASC loader. Huge speedup (up to 10x)
  • general speedup. several parts of the pipeline are now multi threaded. (i.e. geo-modifier)
  • Added dem earth plugins to extensions menu as well as standard and default layouts.
  • height data export. new modes.
    • 32 bit, single channel tiff. These values contain the c4d values in c4d space, as is.
    • 32 bit, normalized, single channel exr. Contains the normalized range values (0.0->1.0) remapped between min/max c4d height values.
    • 16 bit, normalized, single channel png. Contains the normalized range values (0.0->1.0) remapped between min/max c4d height values.
    • an .info file is also exported, to give you some idea of whats in the file.
    • the height file now gets an informative unique name.
    • the export is multi-threaded,and is several times faster than the initial effort.
  • Added new DEM Earth shaders. These shaders work with Cinema4D engines as well as Corona.
    • Contours       (adaptive contour lines which do not distort and scale with dem earth zoom)
    • Simple Slope (a nice, easy to use, slope shader) 
    • Valley fog      (a nice simple fog shader ! )

Version 4.005 Oct 17th, 2019

  • 4 new height data sets
  • CloudFront height content delivery
  • New Route Object. 
  • Poly Object - new multipolygon query (for finding lakes, rivers and a lot more)(see lake image)
  • Smart extruder - big improvements, for better results. 
  • GeoCoder  rewrite. Now uses mapbox api for better results.
  • rebuilt licensing and self managed floating license option.
  • GeoRef Tag - Embedding functionality rebuilt(see lake image)
  • Complete new rebuild for R21
  • many other bugfixes and improvements.
    • in R21 there are no 11 numbers, so I have had to adapt my licensing to suit the new system.
      The new version comes with 2 licenses options.
      1.Node locked.
      there is no license server option anymore.


Version 3.163  June 27th 2019  (R16,17,18,19 mac + win )

  • DEM Earth - Connection to  new license server complete.
  • Smart OSM -  fixed an issue which caused strange lines. This was due to openstreetmap now using 64bit node id's and the old version of DEM Earth using UIn32.
  • DEM Earth - Height data content now delivered via Cloudfront for MUCH faster downloads speeds in all regions.

Version 3.701  Aug 15th 2019  (R20 mac + win)

  • DEM Earth- Connection to the new license server.
    • DEM Earth - Height data content now delivered via Cloudfront for MUCH faster downloads speeds in all regions.
    • DEM Earth  - Prefs - fixed a bug that showed wrong support date. To see your support status, hit the "check for updates" button. 

Version 3.66  July 12th 2019  (R20 mac + win

  • DEM Earth Object  - Added new interpolation setting to object/data set tabLinear(original) ,Cubic(new),None(new). 
  • DEM Earth Object - Added Quantize to object/remapping. This works in real world meters (i.e. not c4d space). This is useful because it works  as it should when the zoom level changes.

  • DEM Earth Object - fixed a problem reloading scenes with embedded ASC data.
  • DEM Earth Object - fixed a problem exporting height maps.

Version 3.65  June 27th 2019  (R20 mac + win )

  • GeoCoder  - Added "Create a Pin" button.  This conveniently makes a pin and dem earth object (if needed) and names it after whatever you just searched for.
  • Poly Object  - Use the shift key to create a new poly object.
  • Poly Object  -  Now names Created materials after the poly object for your sanity.
  • Poly Object - fixed refresh issue that could cause render problems with c4d engines as well as octane.
  • PinPoint Object - Fixed a new issue causing pin to jump around.
  • DEM Earth Object - Added a fir button next to the zoom slider. This fits dem earth to the bounds of all georef tags on the dem earth object.
  • TrackGraph Now supports the Poly Object.
  • Various - Missing Undo's resolved.
  • Various - Bug fixes and future proofing.

Version 3.63  June 12th 2019  (R20 mac + win

  • Poly Object  - New function to create Image and Mask in one hit.
  • Poly Object  - New options lots of bugfixes..
  • GeoRef Tag - Fixed issue that prevented old scenes from loading.

Version 3.62  May 28th 2019  (R20 mac + win)
  • Stability Update.
  • Poly Object - new options.
    • Spline Decimation (realtime) gives massive speed ups when triangulating areas.
    • Various new options to improve workflow.
    • Annotation tag now updated when you change border.
    • More flexible and easier to use.
  • GPX loader working again.

  • Version 3.63  June 12th 2019  (R20 mac + win)

    • Poly Object  - New function to create Image and Mask in one hit.
    • Poly Object  - New options lots of bugfixes..
    • GeoRef Tag  - Fixed issue that prevented old scenes from loading.

  • Version 3.60  May 21st 2019  (R20 mac + win)

    • New  - Poly Object : Complete polygon borders for the entire planet (levels 4 to 10). A huge undertaking and a great new, major feature for DEM Earth 3.6.
    • New - Strata Object  : Makes any object, not just DEM Earth, and solid 3D object, which can be 3D printed or used with Bool.
    • New - Smart OSM Rebuild. Now uses latest OpenStreetMap API. Comes with a new search method which makes it easier to search for exact things.Now Clips  exactly to either DEM Earth area, or a Poly border object.
    • Cleanup - Menu 
    • On Macs, some image layers where not available(black) this seems to have been resolved in this version. 
    • Optimised  - PinPoint Object.
    • Generated material improvements.
    • Lots more bug-fixes and optimizations.

Version 3.39  April 2019  (R20 mac + win)

  • Updated - CSV importer
  • Poly Importer rebuild - of the MACOS version. This was an absolute nightmare.
  • Improved - Smart OSM optimizations.

Version 3.32  April 2019  (R20 mac + win)

  • Added - Some useful info to the downloader tab (Tile count, image size etc.)
  • Complete rebuild - of the MACOS version. This was an absolute nightmare.
  • Changed - DEM Earth prefs are now grouped under prefs.
  • Fixed - Several OSM importer bugs..
  • Fixed - OSM bug causing strange lines. this was due to me using UInt32  instead of Int64 for node id's
  • Fixed - Drag drop ASC import was being clipped.
  • Added - 32bit tiff single channel height map export from the image loader. This lets you export the height map for use as displacement.
  • Fixed - Bug where the setting for image preview size was ignored.
  • Changed - Welded image output to tiff format. this dramatically improves load and preview refresh time.
  • Faster  - Tile welding pass
  • Added - Threaded texture downloader. up to 100x faster downloads depending on your CPU and bandwidth.

Version 3.22 Sept 18th 2018

  • Fixed- OSM server not responding specifically on MAC,in R20.

Version 3.20 Sept 1st 2018

  • Changed - a rewrite and rebuilt for R20 for both mac and pc versions.
  • Fixed- OSM server not responding sometimes

Version 3.12 Aug 21st 2017

  • Fixed - a problem stopping ASC files from loading.
  • Added another layer to the new  map layer list.
  • Added new function in georeference tag, that lets you embed/displace with textures.

Version 3.10 Aug 16th 2017

  • Fixed - a problem stopping DEM Earth from working fully with C4D R19.
  • Fixed missing UV Coordinates, making baking textures a bit strange.
  • Fixed missing Map Tile Servers.
  • Added new map tile servers.
  • Fixed various bugs and changes.

Version 3.08 Nov 18th 2015

  •  Fixed- a problem preventing old scenes loading with 3.07, if they contained embedded height data 


    increased the maximum area of a GPX track to 1000km

Version 3.07 Nov 17th 2015

  •  Changed - prefs password is now masked after entry 
  •  Added - prefs option "Center After Embed" decide if DEM earth should center on your embed data, when you add it. 
  •  Added - custom server to prefs.Use your image server with DEM Earth. 
  •  Fixed - some issues with gradient refresh. 
  •  Improved - gradient height values can now go below zero (needed for bathemetry) 
  •  Improved - Massive speed up with DEM Earth tile extraction. 
  •  Fixed - multiple minor issues.

Version 3.01 Oct 7th 2015

  • SMART OSM –  new setting "Levels" imports building levels, where available, and reflects this in the extruder.
  • SMART OSM –  finds more height values.
  • SMART Extruder–  got a new "Levels" setting. 
  • SMART Extruder– Status update bar. 
  • Several bug fixes and improvements.

Version 3.00 Sept 10th 2015

  • New - Geo Modifier –  Map any polygon, spline or point based object onto DEM Earth.
  • New - 

    Track Graph  –  Make an instant graph out of a GPX track, or any spline.
  • New - 

    Poly Importer
     – Import country, county, regional borders using the osmosis poly format.
  • Improved - Smart Extruder – vastly improved. Better caps, better UVW mapping, less polygons.
  • Improved - 

    Smart OSM
     – New Interpolation and surface offset settings, deliver what you need.
  • Improved - 

    DEM Earth Object
     – improved UVW, to make baking, much easier.
  • Lots - of minor bug fixes and improvements :)

Version 2.88 May 12th 2015

  • Fixed - Geocoder problems
  • Improved - Gradient behavior. 
  • Added - Unit value fro the OSM Object. This lets you define the unit for any height data found in the data.
  • Improved  - Clean up of the prefs dialog.

Version 2.87 May 5th 2015

  • Fixed - updater reporting local version as remote version. (from prefs, download anyway, ignoring the version number, and it will give your the latest version)
  • Fixed - various bits and bobs.
  • NICE - When adding multiple DEM Earths, automatically set the next available unused alignment :)
  • NICE - When adding multiple DEM Earths, automatically copy all settings from parent, to child on creation.
  • Added -  Scaling value to world values. Connect this to DEM Earth scale, and set your doc depth to huge !!
  • Added- setting in prefs to disable use of height value in GPX imports.
  • Changed - Shuffled the prefs around
  • Improved - ASC direct load dimensions, even more accurate  than before !
  • Fixed - Geocoder was sending the wrong lat/lon coordinate to DEM Earth.

Version 2.83 APR 29th 2015

  • Various other improvements.
  • improved - increased the max area size settings.
  • Improve Binding - more info..
  • Added - Adjustable Strata Height  more info..
  • Added - Auto Insert for DEM Earth Objects more info..

Version 2.78  APR 22ND 2015

  • Added - an option in prefs to turn off gradient 
  • Improved - various minor fixes

Version 2.77  APR 19TH 2015

  • New
Default gradient shader setup when creating a DEM Earth object.
  • Changed 
Gradient Links and world Info. Each gradient now has its own separate ranges.

Default subdivisions are now higher and default area is now wider.
Both specular and reflect are now turned off when new materials are created (R16 defaults make everything glossy).

Smart extruder default for flatten base to TRUE. (makes render setup much faster for large areas)

  • Improved - various improvements to the GPX loader. 

Imported track fits to landscape. 

Landscape rounded
Add a sweep.

support for height value tag (<ele>n</ele>)   (more to come on this for pilots!)

  • Fixed
Various strange problems downloading 30m data (threading issues).
Image Layer attribution notice was broken.

Version 2.72  APR 3rd 2015



    Prevent DEM Earth objects from refreshing when changing image loader settings. Feels much better.
  •  Fixed   - GPX Loader was broken.

Version 2.70  Mar 31th 2015

  •  Added - Console info showing which plugins loaded correctly.
  •  Fixed - Issues with ASC embedding.
  •  Solution - Pre 2.61 files containing an OSM Object wont load. See this solution..
  •  Fixed - Strata, UV's where upside down.
  •  Fixed - bug causing height data to try to re download when opening a scene.
  •  Fixed - bug stopping the loading of any height data, when downloads are turned off.
  •  Added - Image re projection- This resolves all alignment issues when mapping large areas. Image overlays are now perfect, no matter how large the area is !

Version 2.61  Mar 17th 2015

  •  Massive speedup for 90m data access (up to 10 x faster downloads)
  •  Improved - ASC embedding and fixed some refresh bugs, when changing between data-sets.
  •  Added - BingMap Layer  (More info here..)
  •  Added - UVW coordinates. Makes it much easier to transfer DEM Earth to external engines (such as unity)
  •  Improved - OSM Importer. Added the ability to import custom OSM data, exported from global mapper, or other apps, where reference ID's have negative numbers.
  •  Improved - OSM Importer. Now uses double longs, which is now essential as the osm database has become huge.

  •  Added - TR Support  (More Info here..)
  •  Added - Disclaimer for Image downloads. 
  •  Improved - Downloading Performance.  
  •  Added - Several new image layer links, including the awesome Tweetmap
  •  Fixed - A distortion problem, as coordinates move away from the equator. Causing an undesirable latitude stretch. 
  •  Improved - sloppy texture updating in editor on child objects when stacking multiple DEM Earth objects. 
  •  Added - Rounding setting. This lets you turn the good old square DEM Earth, into a round DEM Earth. (bit slow in this version but i'm working on it)
  •  Changed - Abstraction now only effects above sea level. 
  •  Added - Proxy Settings to prefs. 
  •  Added - secure SSL connection to license, and height data servers. 
  •  Fixed - An issue preventing the strata being built after object was turned off.

Version 2.40  Nov 19th 2014

  •  Improved - Strata. 
  •  Added - Support for registered student versions of Cinema4D. 
  •  Fixed - Binding issues. Separate objects line up perfectly. 
  •  Added - Handles for length and width. 
  •  Added - Separate Width / Height settings, with best fit subdivision. 
  •  Improved - World.meter unit (this is the world scale multiplier from C4D space to real world space) 
  •  Improved - Significantly improved geo-referencing accuracy. 
  •  Improved - Major rewrite of core DEM Earth code
More Info..

Version 2.27 Nov 5th 2014

  •  Added - GeoCoder option - Send To DEM Earth. Transmits coordinates directly to the active DEM Earth object. 
  •  Improved - SMART OSM - clearer selection of main features, such as buildings,roads and borders.  
  •  Added - SMART OSM can now import differently formatted OSM extracts from programs such as Global Mapper or ArcGIS 
  •  Fixed - ASC direct import, width was not quite right. now perfect :) 
  •  Improved - When Binding multiple DEM Earths, only the parent will check License.This prevents multiple DEM Earths from requesting license, improving performance and reducing server access. 
  •  Fixed - Smart Extruder Caps. They where inverted and had issues. All issues resolved. 
  •  Fixed - Smart Extruder Object had no bounding box. 
  •  Fixed - Smart OSM Object had no bounding box.

Version 2.21 Oct 20th 2014

  • Fixed - Issue effecting pc's and some macs, preventing them from being able to load data from the new server.

Version 2.20 Sept 24th 2014

  • Added - EURO2 server - Lost/Damaged 30m tiles around Greenland and North Canada.
  • Added - EURO2 server - Lost/Damaged 30m tiles around Russia & Ukraine & North Turkey.
  • Added - New Server & choices, in prefs.
  • Server 'Europa1' is the new faster DEM server.
  • Server 'Europa2' is the old R1 server.
  • Added - Support for GPX waypoints, without tracks or routes.
  • Added - New code and functions to better predict missing tiles & reduce false downloads for 90m data.
  • Fixed - white images with stamen Toner Map.
  • Added - File import option to OSM Object. You can import  file with this, rather than downloading.

Version 2.10

  •  Added - new feature, DEM Earth parent linking. Connecting 2 or more DEM Earths together. This can be used to drive DEM Earth Objects, matching and linking as one, to a parent. 
  •  Fixed - double registration for geocoder, causing a resource error in console, at startup. 
  •  Fixed - an issue with ASC import, which prevented upper case parameters from being read, preventing the import.

Version 2.07  June 3rd 2014    (Version 2)

  •  Added- Smart OSM Object.
  •  Added- Smart Extruder.
  •  Added- Fine Tuning options to Georef tag 
  •  Added - Texture Reprojection.
  •  Fixed- More PinPoint Object, bugs.
  •  Changed -  Meter scale factor is now correct

Version 1.70  June 3rd 2014

  •  Changed - Strato and stick to floor settings, are now on, by default.
  •  Fixed - A small, but critical error, caused coordinates projected onto DEM Earth, below sea level, to have wrong height. This showed as a field of spiked outlines(Thanks R.Feenstra) 
  •  Improved- PinPoint Object, Performance. 
  •  Fixed- PinPoint Object, bugs.  
  •  Added- Map Loader Images - Automatic Reprojection so that images better match height for larger areas. 
  •  Added- The Geocoder now automatically copies its coordinate result to the clipboard 
  •  Improved- Using the paste button now resets the lat/lon offset to zero. It was a bit confusing before.

Version 1.64   June 6th 2014

  •  Added - GPX import status info in the status bar (for larger imports, which can take a while) 
  •  Fixed - Removed console messages 
  •  Fixed - height data problems at 0 degree lat and lon

Version 1.62  June 3rd 2014

  • Changed - DEM Earth, World Info, Details Object.Unit.Meter is now the world scale factor. 
  • Improved - Massive performance increase when Editing the GeoReference Tag dialog. 

  • Added - New mode for the GeoReference Tag. Center mode, allows you to place an image or icon,etc at a specific location. 
  • Added - GPX now supports routes (previously only tracks and waypoints where supported) 
  • Added - Abstract was missing copy and paste buttons. 

  • Fixed - Sun Expression Tag driver link. 
  • Fixed - possible crash at 0 Degrees Lat 
  • Fixed - typo bug in prefs, preventing your machines 11 numbers from showing. 

Version 1.56 April 28th 2014

  •  Fixed - a bug, preventing the loading of elevation tiles between -5 and +6 degrees north (#44 michael reiter)  
  •  Changed - Moved DEM Earth plugins group, out of plugins and into the main menu bar. 
  •  Added - Bing Map Image Layer support. Please obtain your own api key from to use this feature. 
  •  Added - Abstract height mapping. Blend height from different geographic locations, to create unique abstract, landscapes. 
  •  Changed - Image layer names now contain the respective name of the layer server which they came from and the zoom level. 
  •  Added - Support Status and renewal to the Prefs dialog.

Version 1.50 March 28th 2014

  •   NEW - DEM Earth GeoCoder. With this you can get a location name from coordinates, or coordinates from a location name. 
  •   Added - Sun Link To DEM Earth Object, in the drivers TAB. This automatically sets the suns (physical and sun tag) coordinates, to the DEM Earth world center. 
  •   Changed - Added "DEM Earth -" To all DEM Earth related objects (keeps importers together) 

Version 1.44 March 18th 2014

  •   Added - GPX loader now imports WayPoints. 
  •   Added - The ASC direct importer will now import a matching image of the same name. with an image suffix.   (i.e) mydata.asc requires mydata.jpg (jpg,jpeg,png,tif,tiff,jp2,psd are supported) .  make sure the image size is correct when exporting from GM or arcgis

Version 1.42  Feb 7th, 2014

  •   New - Drag and drop ASc as standalone Mesh , now supported. 
  •   Improved - Download performance for many image map layers. Many layers are now noticeably faster. 
  •   Fixed - Stamen Buildings 
  •   Fixed - Geo-PointConverter now adds phong and downloads "best available" data, as apposed to "90m"

Version 1.40  Jan 23, 2014

  •  Fixed - Several of the server connections for stamen maps changed, so they have been updated and are now working again.
  •  Added - Stick To floor option, which keeps DEM Earth on the floor when zooming in.

Version 1.37  Dec 12, 2013

  •   Added  - Button to Flush embedded data.
  •   Fixed  - bug when embedding ASC files, in combination with Undo, would create very large files.
  •   Improved - Mouse, point click to geocoordinate accuracy, with correct interpolation , for painter mode.

Version 1.36  Nov 28, 2013

  •   Added  – Standalone asc import (creates a static polygon mesh)
  •   Changed – When importing World file,gpx or kml files,dem earth will switch to 90m if the imported area is wider than 50km.
  •   Fixed  – bug preventing world files from importing.

Version 1.35  Nov 1st, 2013

  • Added  – Prefs, new button to add this machine to your account.
  • Changed – minor adjustments to the layout of the georeference tag
  • Added  – ASC Embedding (supports asc in geographic WGS84)
  • Added  – paint-able layer basis

Version 1.33

  • Added  – Status bar text telling you what is unpacking.
  • Fixed  – Problems in areas where no data exists, could keep trying to download.

Version 1.32

  • Added  – Added virtual Image Download Layer WireFrame
  • Added  – Added virtual Image Download Layer Crosses

Version 1.31

  • Added  – DEM Data selection best, 30m or 90m or none
  • Added  – Enable/disable download option in data set TAB

Version 1.30 – Sept 17th, 2013

  • Added  – Mouse over DEM Earth shows the lat/lon coordinate  and height, under mouse pointer in status bar.
  • Added  – Drag to move on DEM Earth , changes the  location offset.
  • Added  – Machine number in prefs
  • Changed – DEM Earth/Object/Bounds to Location (for clarity)
  • Added  – More safety code.
  • Changed – WayPoint Object Plugin ID
  • Changed – R12 is no longer supported. Minimum C4D Version is now R13.

Version 1.24 – Sept 7th, 2013

  • Fixed  -  A bug with the georeference tag was stopping external renders
  • Changed – Fewer license checks.

Version 1.22 - Sept  3, 2013

  • Added  – some safety to the GPX import.Largest track area is 500KM (diagonal)
  • Added  – auto zoom. For Geopoint converter and GPX import (sets the DEM Earth zoom so it fits the area being imported)

Version 1.21

  • Added  – GPX track importer
  • fixed  – potential crash in the Point converter
  • fixed  – small memory leak in DEM Earth object (thanks Michael)
  • Added  – Strata Object option. You can restrict a shader to the Strata by using the restriction name “strata”
  • Added  – Australia map layer

Version 1.15

  • Changed – Map loader is no longer an option. it is now fully included with all versions of DEM Earth.

Version 1.11 - Aug 23, 2013

  • fixed  – If a download failed because the file did not exist, a broken zip file could be left in the cache folder.
  • fixed  – A nasty crash bug after switching documents (thanks neil)Changed – DEM Earth main dialog, shuffle (Less clutter)
  • Added  – When you create a DEM Earth, if there is a lat,lon coordinate in the clipboard, DEM Earth will open at that location.

Version 1.10 - Aug 17, 2013

  • New   - Added Support helpdesk link button to prefs.
  • New  – Added Several new map layer types to the image downloader.

Version 1.09

  • New   - Added Image downloading upgrade to DEM Earth Object as an extension.
  • Other – minor bug fixes

Version 1.08  -     Jul 25, 2013

  • Added – DEM Earth option “Enable Downloading”
    This option lets you prevent downloading, which proved to be annoying in ocean/coastal areas where no data exists. DEM Earth would keep trying to grab data.Once you have everything you need, you can now turn off downloading and prevent DEM Earth from searching online for data that does not exist.
  • New – DEM Earth caches on some MACs. Remove invalid data on the fly.
  • New – Repair data holes in realtime !!
  • Other – Lots of ground work for additional tools and custom DEM data layers.

Version 1.07

  • changed – GeoReference Tag dialog cleaned up
  • changed – North South East West to N S E W because otherwise the layout tends to be too wide (due to the super fat LatLon gui element)

Version 1.06

  • New – SubSample Noise Control.
  • New – DEM Earth LOD Focus control.
  • Fixed – DEM Object ignoring Phong settings.
  • Added – Some warnings and safety to the Point Geo conversion command.
  • New – Icons

Version 1.05

  • Added – Geo Point Converter Command for automating OSM (or other) overlay onto DEM Earth.
  • Fixed – importing a world file of type *.tgw will now look for a *.tiff as well as *.tif image
  • Fixed – Problems reading cached files in tex folder.

Version 1.04 – Quick Fix

  • Fixed – DEM files not found in ‘tex’ folder.
  • Fixed – Coverage Command now finds files in your 90m folder (
  • Interface – Coverage Command , now shows transparent tiles.

Version 1.03 – First update (stability update)

  • Fixed – possible crash bug when using large subdivisions.
  • Fixed – crash bug entering bounds larger than allowed.
  • Fixed – when using shift + mouse pointer to center the region,if offset was applied, the result was wrong.
  • Interface – changed the default GUI for lat/lon to d/m/s , you can manually change back to simple degrees.This is needed to correctly represent coordinates.
  • Interface – changed the layout to better fit NSEW with d/m/s GUI
  • Interface – minor changes.

Version 1.02 – public release.