The main advantage of ASC, is that there is no limit to its resolution. If you have height data sampled at 1m or even 50cm, such as Lidar, you can convert it to ASC and easily use it with DEM Earth.

ASC embedding, embeds raw data into DEM Earth. This makes it possible for you to use height data from many sources,  both high and low res, as long as it has the following characteristics.

  • WGS84 datum
  • geographic projection
  • not so stupidly large that it won't fit into available ram.

the advantage of ASC is that its a simple, wide spread format and with it  DEM Earth can make use of any kind of height data available.

If you have height data in some other format, use a GIS application such as Global Mapper to re-project the data, and save it out as gridded asc , in geographic coordinates.

  • We also offer a service for data re-projection.  We can convert almost any format or projection from, and to, just about anything. From a few MB to a several terabytes.
  • Got Lidar data Can't get it into C4D? We can help.

  • Contact support for further information.