Yes, you can NED data, but you need to convert it to something DEM Earth can use.

If you have a GIS application, convert to

With Global Mapper..

  1. Load file you got from NED, into to global mapper
  2. Select the layer you just loaded in.
  3. open the configuration window, Tools/Configure
  4. choose the Projection Tab
  5. Change the projection to Geographic(latitude/longitude)
  6. Change the Datum to WGS84
  7. Close the configuration window

now save as asc

  1. File/Export Elevation Grid format
  2. Choose - Arc ASCII Grid
  3. hit OK
  4. save the file.

Method 1. Embedding.

In DEM Earth (1.35 or greater)

  1. Create a DemEarth Object
  2. Go To Object Tab/Location/DataSet
  3. Press the "Embed ASC file" button
  4. select the asc file you previously saved from Global Mapper.
  5. DEM Earth loads in the file and centers the location on the middle of the embedded region.

Method 2. Direct Import.

Simply Drag and Drop your ASC data, into c4d. DEM Earth's ASC loader will create the landscape for you.

*If you have a matching image, with the same name as the ASC, the loader will try to load this image in, and align it to your height data.


*If you have global Mapper, you can export height, and an aligned image for a given area.