Height (aka DEM) Data

There are 2 data sets avialable for download ,directly from within DEM Earth.

  • STRM (90 meter samples)   FAQ..
  • ASTGTM 2 (30 meter samples) FAQ..

The quality of this DEM data can differ a lot. In some parts of the world its very poor, in other parts of the world, it is very good (USA & Europe)

However, CinemaPlugins.com does not own,  sell or license, either STRM or ASTGTM data to end users,  and is no way responsible for the quality and availability of that data.

Basically, if you don't think the data meets your expectations, complain to NASA, who have given it to you for Free!

Can you check an area for quality before I buy the plugin ?

NO:  The ASTGTM data set consists of over 22000 tiles, it is impossible for us (me!) to check your area of interest for quality and availablity as a condition of sale. This would mean I would have to spend my time downloading and checking data for you. Making a scene and images of the area for you. This is clearly impossible for me.

*The only time I will do this is if you pay for an evaluation. 50% of the evaluation fee can then be deducted from the price of the software, if you decide to purchase it.

What can I do if the data is not good in my area of interest?

As of version 1.35, you can purchase DEM data from any commercial source and embed this data directly into DEM Earth.Your high quality data wil them seamlessly blend into th Free data sets. So if you are not happy with the quality of the "FREE" data , there is nothing stopping you from buying data for the area you need,  and using higher qulaity data, with DEM Earth.