Basic Shader Properties

    Color Map Define The color gradient used for Shading. Left = 0.0 Right = Value 1.0

    Invert Inverts the Gradient Map so that left is 1.0 and right is 0.0

    Edge Settings

    Enable Enable Edge shading

    Editor Preview Where possible WireShader Pro+ will atempt to draw the edges (as wires) int he viewport , on your polygon mesh.

    Edge Preview OFF

    Edge Preview ON Editor Preview off/on

    Size Define the size of the edges

    different Edge Sizes

    Bloom soft setting for edges.

    Edges various Different Edges which you can activate. 

    Size AC BC A B C D are virtual Edges. There sizes can be modified as a percentage of the initial edge size. So if the main edge size is 2.0 and the virtual edge size is 50% then the real virtual edge size is 1.0

    Virtual edge size 50%  and 10%

    Point Settings

    Enable  Turn point rendering on or off

    Size the size of points, relative to the edge size

    Bloom Soft setting for point shading

    Points  Shade each of the points of the quad or triangle

    Center Shade a virtual point in the center of the quad or triangle

    Modifying Settings

    Size Profile a final shading fallof or curve

    Size Driver a shader that modifies edge and point sizes

    Adapt Area Modify edge and point sizes based on the area of a polygon. You will need to geuss the Min and Max sizes on your surface.

    Random Randomize edge and point sizes between min  and max of whatever they would otherwise be.

    You can download this example here..