VERSION 1.47 Feb 24th 2014

 Fixed - Alpha was not working with shaders

 Added - Untriangulate for polygon output modes.

VERSION 1.45 Feb 15th 2014

Fixed - an issue with texture field after "save with assets"

Added - HyperUV® scale slider.

New - perfected my HyperUV® Mapping algorithm.this is a completely new, intelligent uv mapping algorithm.

Fixed - an issue where a texture might not be found.

Added - Extrude for single poly mode.

Improved - image reading performance.

Changed - polygon filling method to work better with extreme situations.This produces more triangles, but is faster and less likely to break. 

Added - OBJECT_UNIQUEENUMERATION flag to generator and now sets IP for each segment (for use with kendo shaders,etc.) 

Fixed - Animation Offset was not being added to shader time.

VERSION 1.41 Feb 9th 2014


 Changed - Extrusion UV method.

 Fixed - Optimization for image Loading via texture link.

 Fixed - Removed Console printing.

 Added - Axis control

 Added - extrude variation Center.

 Added - Extrude Variation seed.

 Added - Extrude Variation setting.

 Fixed - Problems with Mospline.

VERSION 1.32  - JAN 29th 2014

 Added - Unify Normal option (this ensures that each segments point order is rotated in the right order, to produce a unified normal direction when polygonized)

 Changed - Frame offset added to time for shaders

 Added - Phong Tag support (for polygon modes)

 Added - Different Polygon Output modes.

 Added - Color Mode Min and Max (takes the smallest or largest value frm R,G or B)



 Added - Polygon Output

 Added - shader support

 Added - smoothing enabler.

 Fixed - R,G,B should not be multiplied by alpha.


 Fixed - problem with copy/paste to a new document.Filename reference is no longer valid, as the new document has no tex folder and texture is not found. I work around this inhernet issue by resetting the new filename to the last , known valid location.

Fixed - Problems with "save with assets"

Added - Animation support

Added - Bitmap Caching for animation.

Fixed - Alpha channel was inverted in Y

VERSION 1.11 - Release