does not sell or license images from map layers to you, with DEM Earth. We are not in any way affiliated with or responsible for either the content, availability, or quality of the map layers and we therefor do not offer any support regarding map layer images and/or their licensing.

If there is a problem with the DEM Earth software, we will support and strive to fix it. However , we explicitly can NOT support or do anything about image data, quality, or availability issues.


  • Not all maps have data for every level.
  • Some layers also won't have data for all areas.
  • Some layers and levels can have poor quality.
  • It is essential that DEM Earth can access the internet to download ¬†data. If you re running through a proxy, you may have problems loading these image tiles.

  • Any map layer can go offline, at any time. We have no control over this. The result is either a black texture, or a texture with nothing but a message from the provider.

in R17, the R1.xx or R2.xx map loaders will not work. The only solution is to upgrade to release 3 or greater.