Prerequisites :

  • You need an internet connection. Both HTTP and HTTPS ports must be accessible. it is up to you, to give the plugin access to the internet. DEM Earth can not do anything without an internet connection.

  • Your username will usually be sent you you, when your account is created. (see notes)

  • You should use your order ref number as the password. (see notes)

  • DEM Earth will lock to your node ID,(11 number in older versions) when you first use it. This is automatic. You do not need to send us any information beyond what you provided with your order.

Running plugins on MacOS Catalina or later... 

for R20, R21(S22), R23 or greater.

  • Firstly, extract the DEM Earth zip file to any location on a local drive. Plugins can be stored anywhere, on a local drive and no longer need to be in the traditional plugins folder. indeed you should stop using the plugin folder, as in previous versions, but to use a single folder, which you can keep organized, and access from multiple versions of Cinema 4D. 
  • once you have exacted the plugin somewhere, and open the C4d Preferences dialog, and point a search path at your new plugin folder.
  • You need to set up a plugin path from prefs/plugins pointing to where you have extracted the DEM Earth zip file. 
  • Once you have set up the plugin path, restart Cinema4D.
  • You should see an entry prefs for "". Open that entry, to reveal the DEM Earth plugin prefs.R21R20
  • Enter your account name.
  • Enter your password (usually your order ref nmumber)
  • Hit "Check for updates" to register the plugin.

Installing for R19 or below

  • Pretty much as above, the only difference is that you have to place a the plugin in the plugins folder, and that the DEM Earth prefs are not under the group. Registration is the same process.

Once you have entered your name and password, you will be able to start using DEM Earth. Usually DEM Earth is found has its own menu in the top menu bar. This will show up if you are in the standard, startup, or body paint layouts.

NOTES for all versions.

  • If you did not provide a preferred account name during the order process, we will make an account, and give it a name for you. The name is based on what info you provided with your order. You can usually guess what your account name will be. Usually it can be figured out by the following rules.
  1. it will be case sensitive, and in the following order:
  2. your company name.                                              (if provided) (if it contains no special characters)
  3. The name or the person who ordered the plugin.  (if it contains no special characters)
  4. Part from your email address from either before @ (your email name prefix) if it is unique.
  5. part of your email address from after @  (your email domain either with or without the suffix depending on if its a public domain or not) as long as its unique.

         i.e.  would be either itsjustme or mysuperdomain or


  • if you cant figure out your account name, just ask. 
  • Your password is set by you when you first register the plugin. Be sure to keep a record of your password. We recommend you use your order ref number, as it is someting that you can easily recover.
  • if you do not see DEM Earth in the top menu, perhaps you are not in the default layout? Try switching to default. if you have a custom layout, you would need to set up a menu of your own.
  • if your legacy CPU does not have AVX or AVX2,  DEM Earth might not show up. Please contact support in this case. 

check out the docs website...