• Firstly, you need an internet connection. Both HTTP and HTTPS ports must be accessible. it is up to you, to give the plugin access to the internet. DEM Earth can not do anything without an internet connection.

  • Both your username and password will be sent you you, when your account is created.

  • Your User Name is usually the Registration name used in your order, or a sensible alternative if special characters where used.
  • Your Password is your Order Reference#
  • If you did not include your first 11 number with the order, the first 11 numbers of the first machine you register with will be used.

Open your Cinema4D preferences, and select the DEM Earth preference TAB.

Once you have entered your name and password, you will be able to start using DEM Earth.

  • Your account name and password are automatically sent to the email address you provided during the order process. Please check your spam folder or filter if you did not get this email.
  • If you did not send your 11 numbers with the order, you might have to wait for the Admin to update your account.This can take up to 24 hours.

check out the docs website...