the GPX loader supports  tracks and waypoints,etc.

both the track and each individual waypoint are placed under a PinPoint object when imported.The pinpoint ensures that the objects under it stay fixed and relative to the DEM Earth parent , when you zoom and change the geographic location.

Supported Features

up to version 1.56 , waypoints and tracks are supported.

from version 1.60 and beyond, also support routes.


DEM Earth R3 has TrackGraph object, which is very useful combined with GPS tracks,



if you need to import a GPX track that only has points in it, and no track, you need to add a dummy track. You can do this with any GIS app, or as follows: 

Google Earth Pro + GPS Babel.
Inside Google Earth, open the KML or GPX  file - then choose 'add new path' - draw a simple path anywhere on the map. Draw a boundary around all of your points and save out in Babel, as a GPX with default parameters,  and  drag drop the resulting file, into C4D, to get a landscape,with your points on it, and your dummy track, which you can then delete.