DEM Earth support policy

  1. You get the version you purchased. Minor updates and bug-fixes can be free, while your support is up to date.  
  2. Major version updates and upgrades are not included in support and are not free.
  3. A DEM Earth license, includes one years support and service.
  4. Support is ticket based.  If your support is up to date, please make a support Ticket...
  5. You can not download anything out of support.

Q: Can I still use DEM Earth if my support has expired?
A: YES, you can still use the DEM Earth plugin, out of support.. You can use existing scenes, and create new ones.

Q: What happens after one year?

A: After one year, premium features may no longer available to your account, and you will not be able to download new content.

Q: What will it cost to renew my account support.

A: You can see the price of support renewal, in your currency, from here..

Node Lock?

Q:  What is my node lock?

  1. A:  in all version , up to R20, the node lock is the first 11 numbers of the C4D license that you first use the plugin with. 
  2. In R21 or later, your node lock is a unique ID which is generated from your c4d license and workstation hardware.

Q:  Can I change my node lock?

A:  if you have a floating license, YES. otherwise no. you license is locked the version you first used it with. 

In R21 or later, you can do this yourself if you have a floating license. in previous version you need to make a support ticket, to get your lock changed.

Important (all versions)

Support is not transferable. That means support can only be given to the end client/user, and not (for example) via a re-seller. This is because everything takes much longer to resolve via a middle man. It can be time and energy consuming, when you have a man in the middle, so lets please keep it direct.

Note: Dead, unused or old version accounts may be purged. If an account is out of support, or using an unsupported version, and the account holder does not respond to our support email, the account may be purged and the email address associated with the account will be removed from the mailing list.