R3 support policy ( from september 2015 and onwards )

With the introduction of DEM Release 3, we have dramatically changed the support policy, to the customers advantage.

1. As of R3, the only feature that will expire out of support, is the texture loader. All other features are no longer linked to support.

2. You get the version you purchased. Minor updates / bug fixes for your are free, if your support is up to date.  

previous R1/R2 support policy ( prior to september 2015 )

When you purchase a DEM Earth License, you get one year support, starting at the date of the first use.

You get access to Premium features, for up to 1 year, after the date on which your account was created, as well as Ticket and chat based support.

You may renew your support  at any time, after or before it expires.

Premium Features

  • 30M DEM data access
  • Image downloader
  • GPX Loader
  • ASC Loader
  • Geocoder
  • OSM object
  • Extruder Object
  • Account support  (ticket support, adding or changing of C4D numbers,etc)
  • Any features requiring 3rd party API access.

Q: Can I still use DEM Earth if my support has expired?
A: YES, you can still use the DEM Earth plugin, out of support.. You can use existing scenes, and create new ones.

Q: What happens after one year?

A: After one year, premium features are no longer available to your account, and you may choose to update your support.

Q: What will it cost to renew my account support.

A: Under half the price of a new account. You can update your support here..

Important information about updating Cinema4D and changing numbers (all versions)

Q: What happens if I update C4D, from say, R14 to R15, or R15 to R16 ,etc?


  • You may have any numbers changed in your account, going from 14->15, 15->16,16->17 etc.as long as your support is up to date. Please understand that the previous number will be removed from your account. You make a choice as to which version of c4d you will use the your license with. Unless you have a floating license, you can only work with one number, per license/seat.
  • License hopping is not allowed. e.g. If you have been using DEM Earth in R15, and want to change the registered number to another R15 number, you will need to add a seat to you account.
You can add a new seat here.. 

Important (all versions)

Support is not transferable. That means support can only be given to the end client/user, and not (for example) via a re-seller. This is because everything takes much longer to resolve, and can be very time and energy consuming, when you have a man in the middle, playing go-between.

Note: Dead accounts might be purged. if an account is out of support or using an unsupported version, and the account holder does not respond to our support email, the account may be purged and the email address associated with the account will be removed from the mailing list.


* if we replace your your node lock(i.e. you upgraded your c4d version), we can not later downgrade your node lock for free, if you change your mind, for any reason.