The Smart extruder is used to extrude building outlines from the smart OSM object.
Smart OSM is not only very smart, it is also an order of magnitude faster than the built in extruder, and is capable of extruding millions of buildings, in the blink of an eye.


  • Smart OSM needs to be inserted above a Smart OSM Object. 
  • It is a classic Generator, and therefore requires a spline input as a child. 
  • Extrudes only closed segments.
  • Communicates with Smart OSM, to obtain information about building height, where present.



  • Random Seed

The Random Seed for any generated height values.

  • Override Height

If Height data can be read from the OSM data, it will always be used, unless, you override it by enabling this option.

  • Height.Min/Max

The Min & Max extrusion height value , in real world meters.


  • Floors

When enabled, each extrusion is divided into floors. Turning this off saves a lot of polygons  :)

  • Flatten Base

Each extrusion starts from the real surface height.The first floor is the base.Use this option to level the base of each extruded segment (building)

  • Height,Min/Max

The min & max definition for floor heights.


  • Area.Min/Max

Filter out segments by area.

  • Reduction

This slider lets you reduce the amount of geometry by eliminating segment points by area.Use it to reduce the polygon count.


  • Groups

The number of object groups. Numbers greater than one, split the extrusions into multiple objects.

  • Seed

The Seed value for the random grouping.

  • Set Index Colors

Set the color for each sub Object to a grayscale value , representing the group index ratio. this can be used in conjunction with Mograph  MultiShader or Kendo Shaders, define which texture, goes on which extrusion group.

  • Create Building Height Vertex Map

Creates a Vertex map all the points of a single extrusion block, have the same weight.(see image below)

  • Create Selections

Creates various selection maps. (see below)

  • Create UVW

Generates UV mapping for the base and building sides.


  • Polygon Selection Maps

there are 3 polygon selection sets for each group, for texture restrictions.


side n

base n

where n is the group number, when groups is great than 1

Height Vertex Map

 if you enable Create Building Height Vertex Maps, in the Groups tab, a vertex map is created which maps the min and max building height to each building. That means all the points of any extruded segment will have the same vertex weight.