Account Abuse and Fair Use

If you abuse your account, your account may be suspended, or deleted.

What is account abuse?

If you share your account with other users, who happen to have the same 11 numbers as you (i.e. warez users), then your account license will clock up a lot of uses. If you create 100 DEM Earths, every day for a year,  your account will show  36500 uses. It is impossible to clock this many uses in a month, on one account, as the licensing is cached. If we see that your account has had excessive activity, over a short time period, and is clearly being abused, your account may be suspended, and your license, and support may be revoked.

Abuse - Competitors

  1. If you use DEM Earth to produce any product that competes with DEM Earth, or any other product or service of or the author of this software, your account may be suspended. That includes, for example, building pre-built scenes and selling or offering them in such a way that end users would no longer need DEM Earth or selling *stock images or scenes, that is clearly just the product of DEM Earth..
  2. If you sell or resell products that are obviously just DEM Earth output or derivatives, and you use DEM Earth to obtain or generate maps or any data which you intend to resell, as a downloadable electronic product or service, that would compete with DEM Earth or any cinemaplugins product or service, we reserve the right to suspend your account.

Fair Use

Fair use is ~200  account accesses per license, per day (that is a lot). If you hammer our servers, day and night, trying to download everything you can get your hands on, don't be surprised if your account gets suspended. There is no need to be greedy, and this behavior is both expensive for us, as well as being bad for everyone else.