Standard License (node locked)

R20,21,22,23 and beyond

You now get all versions of the plugin (for your platform) when you purchase. You then decide which version you want to use.

The first time you use DEM Earth, it will lock to an ID (node locked)

The ID based on your Cinema 4D license, your hardware, and the version of the plugin you first use.

Floating License

if you purchase a DEM Earth floating license(De-lock), you can remove your node lock, in your prefs, and re-register your license with a different ID. (Re-lock) i.e. a different version of cinema4d, or on a different workstation or laptop.

See this article for further information on floating dem earth license...

****for older versions of DEM Earth(R16,17,18,19), the following conditions apply***

Standard License (node locked)

If you have a standard C4D license, the first 11 numbers from your serial will look like the following numbers:



The standard license option applies to a single, standard C4D license. This is for regular C4D installs, without a license server.

NOTE : The node locked license, locks to the first C4D serial you use it with. 

Q : Can I get this number changed?

A :  No. Accept if you upgrade your Cinema4D version to a higher version, and your support is up to date.

Q : Can I add seats to my existing accounts, to use the plugin on other workstations?

A :  YES. you can add seats to your existing DEM Earth account, here..

Standard Floating License

If you are not running over a License server, you can use this license to run a single DEM Earth license, on different workstations, using one account. 

A floating license is the same as a node locked license, but with the right to have the node lock changed. To change your node lock, please make a ticket request and include the 11 c4d license you want to have it changed to. A Floating license is not multiple licenses. it is still one license. if your need to run dem earth on multiple machines, it might make more sense simply to add seats to your account. A seat is a full node locked license for half the price of the main license. This is a cost effective way to use dem earth on multiple machines, via one account.

This is for regular C4D installs, without a license server.

Floating License over Network Server 

if you want to run a single DEM Earth seat over a network license, you need to select this option. You can then install, and use the plugin, on a single workstation, within your network. 


you have a 10 seat server license. (20601012345-xxxx-xxxx) but you only want to run one workstations with DEM Earth. Select this option.

License Server 

If you run Cinema4D via a license server, you can read the number of licenses your server can issue from the first 11 numbers of your license.


20600312345-xxxx-xxxx..............  a 3 seat server license.

20601012345-xxxx-xxxx..............   a 10 seat server license.

20600112345-xxxx-xxxx..............   a single (1) seat server license.

If you need to have DEM Earth running on all the machines that your license server supports, you need to have a license for each machine. in this case. choose the License Server option, and add the number of licenses you need. There are significant discounts for multiple seats. you can also add one license and then add additional seats to the cart. for example, 1 standard license + 10 additional seats, costs much less than 11 full licenses.

Render Farms 

if you need to run DEM Earth on your render farm, please contact support for special pricing options.

Any questions? make a support ticket and we will do our best to help clear up any questions you may have.