ASC is a special height data format. its a very simple file format that is easy to manage and use.

DEM Earth can work  with ASC data in two ways:


 embedding inserts the height data, extracted from the file, into the DEM Earth custom height environment. That means you load the load the file in, and forget it.

Embedding Data

  • Make a DEM Earth object, and look in the "Object/Data Set" Tab. 
  • Press the "Embed ASC data" button
  • choose your ASC file. (if you have a zip file, decompress it first)
once the data is loaded, you will need to increase the objects subdivisions to see see your data at a higher resolution.

2.drag and drop

simply drag and drop an ASC file into C4D. If DEM earth is installed, it will create a finished landscape model for you. 


  • If you have an aligned image, with the same name, in the same folder as the ASC file, the image will be imported and matched to the landscape model.
  • be careful not to directly import ASC files that are too large. Depending on your system setup, Cinema4D may only display an object with a limited number of polygons.

important: The data has to be projected in WGS84 geographic.

More info can be found here..