Main Features

  • Load massive, full color LIDAR data, directly into Cinema4D using LAS,LAZ , XYZ ,PTS or ASC format, and render it, without any messing around.
  • Unique ease of use, makes this the easiest solution there is, for loading and rendering points clouds.
  • Solve all known geographic reference systems, You don’t need any other program to work with geographically referenced LIDAR data.
  • Includes the new LAZRender 2 engine, for faster rendering of huge point clouds,  making this the easiest "load and render ", LIDAR solution, ever built.
  • Handle hundreds of millions of points, in your editor, in realtime, even on moderate hardware. no kidding , even on moderate hardware.
  • Create Point clouds from your scenes, by simply rendering them, and having LAZPoint capture that render for you, to a point cloud.
  • Create Point clouds for any place on earth, when combined with DEM Earth.
  • Work with color point clouds, exported from programs such as Agisoft Photoscan, or RealityCapture .
  • Work with several output modes, such as XParticles, hair, points with RGB vertex maps, or splines, etc.


  •  C4D Studio, Prime, Broadcast, Visualize (all versions except Lite)
  • Compatible with C4D versions >R14,R15,R16,R17 and R18.
  • A 64 bit OS (any win64 version, or OSX version greater than Lion)
  • An internet connection.
  • An OpenGL compatible graphics card.
  • As much RAM as you can get your hands on.



Rendered (Cinema4D AR - 8 secs with 4x AA)