You can buy the LAZPoint plugin, for Cinema4d here..

Version 2.08 - Oct 23rd 2017.

  • Replaced color modifier with a gradient.
  • Lidar classification colors working correctly now..
  • if no colors are found, it auto switches to a height gradient.
  • Child objects with points, are rendered as points with LAZRender.
  • Minor improvements, and settings changed.
  • Realtime point selection. (SHIFT+ mouseover + LM)
  • Better Xparticle support.

Version 2.05 - Oct 6th 2017.

  • VLS scanner added.
  • LAS and LAZ export. 
  • 3D points
  • 3D shaded points.
  • Improved renderer.
  • Complete redesign of interface, for modifying color, size,etc.
  • Clipping and quantizing, color and size controls. (all in realtime)
  • Many bug-fixes and improvements.

Version 1.84 - March 10th.

  • You can now align point clouds from different lazpoint objects. with parent-> child hierarchy. where the child aligns relative to parent. This is all good for managing lots of     scans,and is designed as an alternative to loading everything into one lazpoint object. 
  • Point shapes (see render settings) various minor bug fixes.
  • Even faster rendering !  30% speed up, over previous version
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 1.83 - Feb 22nd.

  • After loading a point-cloud, the point-cloud may not be visible in the camera frustum. This version moves the camera back, to bring the cloud into view, which is better than the user thinking nothing has loaded.
  • Added option to ignore point classifications in LAS or LAZ files.
  • Fixed a but that prevented cloud colors from being rendered if they contained only one classification type for all points.
  • several bug fixed and improvements.
  • externally rendered points now scale up down, relative to the size of a viewport if you render smaller, your points are smaller, and if you render bigger your points are bigger.

Version 1.81 - Nov 23th 2016

More performance improvements and bug fixes.

LAZPoint 1.80 render output from on Vimeo.

Version 1.76 - Nov 9th 2016

Lots more changes.

  • Introducing new Smart undo/redo. Rather than use Cinema4d's undo system,which uses too much memory, I wrote a new undo system, that is smart, and doesn't just make a copy of everything when something changes. This lets you work with bigger data, using less ram.
  • Real instancing. Point clouds can be shared between objects.
  • Improved rendering quality, again !
  • Faster rendering, again.
  • Less memory required for rendering.
  • New Render State caching mechanism.. If your cloud is not moving, and the points don't move, the new  caching mechanism, dramatically reduces render setup time, and can reduce render times, for camera animations, by an order of magnitude. If all you need to do is render a flyover/through your point cloud, this caching mechanism will cut minutes or hours off your total render time. 
  • New render settings.
  • now works better with DEM Earth. 
  • Added reduction down to 1/8th


Version 1.70 - Nov 1st 2016

Lots of changes.

  • Much Faster rendering.
  • Much Less memory usage.
  • More efficient OpenGL code.
  • More Reliable.
  • Complete rework of the internal data structures.
  • Dialog changes.
  • New render settings.
  • New size settings.
  • Too many changes to write here. Better to have a  look at some pictures :)




Version 1.60 - Oct 11th 2016

Introducing LAZRender 2
A complete new render engine.
it's Faster, lots faster. Typically at least 10 x faster than the previous engine, using less resources.
It is easier to work with. There is nothing to set, it just works, and does what it is meant to do. It render lots of points, quickly, in top quality.
It looks exactly like your viewport, but with the improved quality of c4d's raytracer integration.
Rendering is extremely fast, so you can use the AA settings you want, to get the result you need.

Version 1.50 - Sept 30th 2016


  • LAZPoint - added contrast setting, in the "modify color" tab.
  • LAZPoint - classification sorting.
  • LAZPoint - automatically sets c4d size. automatically matches the real size of your data, to c4d space.
  • LAZRender -  Added camera attenuation. set a falloff distance to make points fade, as they approach the camera.
  • LAZRender  - various improvements to the point rendering process.
  • LAZPoint - fixed an issue causing lazpoint to de-register.

Version 1.44 - Sept 13th 2016

  • LAZPoint - addressing stability
  • LAZPoint - fixed a nasty crash bug, when saving, having deleted an a LP object (caused by C4D attempting to cache my shaders, when a scene is saved).
  • LAZPoint - fixed a bug which trashed the shaders, when you disable/enable a LP object.

Version 1.40 - Sept 5th 2016

  • LAZPoint - Check for updates. Check for the latest version, and send a download link, to the email address, connected to your order #ref.
  • LAZPoint License  - Added de-registration.For this to work, your 11 numbers need to be the same as the first registration. All you need to do, is hit the registration button, again, to de-register. This means you don't need to contact support to get your 11 number changed. This effectively, gives you a  floating license, within your support period.
  • LAZPoint - Added .ASC import/export
  • LAZPoint - fixed a bug in the pts loader, making all things red :)

Version 1.25  Aug 29th 2016

  • LAZPoint - bug fix .first lazpoint was overwriting shader settings for all others LAZPoint objects
  • LAZPoint - fixed a bug showing incorrect progress for files larger than 4GB
  • LAZPoint - added support for pts, without RGB.
  • LAZPoint - Fixed a issue with LAZPoint to XParticles (unwanted motion drift)
  • LAZPoint - faster init
  • LAZRender  - faster rendering.
  • LAZPoint - shader code improvements.

Version 1.11  Aug 4th 2016

  • LAZRender  - Improved rendering.
  • LAZRender - accept splines (WIP fun)
  • LAZPoint Object - More OGL bug fixes. (please report if you still get any unwanted behavior)
  • LAZPoint Object - Fixed a bug causing flickering, when  half, or quarter point display is active, in R17 or greater.
  • LAZRender  -  fixed a bug, which caused the renderer to ignore the LAZPoint objects matrix.

Version 1.05  (Released)  July 18th 2016  

First update.

  • Prefs - Simplified registration process.
  • LAZRender  - Fixed a strange bug preventing rendering from top-down view.
  • LAZRender  - Even Faster Rendering (setup time reduced significantly)
  • LAZPoint Object - Fixed issue preventing an xyz file from loading, if it only contained color. The loader now automatically deals with several different xyz structures.
  • LAZPoint Object - Removed render options. But added a simplified render capture button, which takes care of several issues.
  • LAZPoint Object - Fixed a couple of issues preventing a render from being captured.
  • LAZPoint Object - moved stats into the main object tab.
  • LAZPoint Object - Complete change to internal structures, to resolve alignment issues with multiple Geographic lidar files.
  • LAZPoint Object - Added the ability to load a complete folder, full of lidar files, in one swoop, and have multiple files,all align, perfectly.
  • LAZPoint Object - Added GeoGraphic Tab. if your file has a ref number, it will find it and give you the width in KM. if not, you can manually enter an EPSG code to discover the width, and bounds. etc.

Version 1.03  (Released)  June 28th 2016 


  • LAZPoint early bird launch for both mac and pc