You can load pointcloud files into LAZPoint from the File Loader Tab.

LAZPoint supports the following formats

  • LAZ (import)
  • LAS (import)
  • PTS (import)
  • XYZ (import)
  • ASC (import/export)


Maximum Points

The largest number of points the load operation should import. this is a safety mechanism to prevent you from loading in too many points, in one shot. Set it to whatever you think is  safe value with the amount of ram you have.

Load Every

This lets you load every nth point, from the file. If you have a very large file, you may want to start with a higher number, to see if you can work with what comes in. e.g. setting this to 2, will load every other point into LAZPoint, with Maximum of 60 million points.

Load File

Opens a file chooser dialog, and lets you pick the single file you need to import into LAZPoint.

Load folder

Opens a folder chooser dialog, and lets you pick a folder to load into LAZPoint. This will load everything it finds, in your folder, into LAZPoint. Each file, has its own layer, and each, layer is further split into any point types found. The maximum points limit applies, and as well as the every other setting.


use this button to export your points to an easy to read, asc file. This can then be used to upload to something like sketchfab.

Worth a mention...

 LAZPoint does Automatic Alignment
if you have multiple files, and they are from the same scan set, you can load the files into lazpoint, and lazpoint will automatically, and magically align the files for you. This works for 2 or 20 hundred files....

 LAZPoint does  Automatic Scaling

LAZPoint scales your point cloud to fit its real world c4d space. so one meter in your scandata, is one meter in LAZPoint. you don't have to do anything here, all the work is done for you.

 LAZPoint does  Automatic Point Classification - sorting.

LAZPoint does automatic point classification sorting. so any file with classified points, comes in with each point type, in a different layer.


You should probably increase your view clipping range, from your documents project settings. 
Set this to Large, for big area scans, so you can see everything in view.