With LAZPoint, each license is a floating license. you can easily register and de-register your license, from the LAZPoint prefs.

To register
 Enter your order reference number, into tthe LAZPoint prefs, and click register twice.

To de-register
You need to be on the same machine that you registered with previously, and then simply hit the registration button again. It is that easy.

To Update
You first have to be registered. Then, and click on the update button. in your LAZPoint prefs. An email will be sent, with the update, to the email address used when you purchased your license. 


  • registration, and de-registration require an internet connection and the plugin needs to be able to pass through your firewall to be able to do that.
  • you can only de-register from the license/workstation from which you last registered with.
  • if you have just one license, you can not install it on multiple devices or workstations, without first de-registering from the last know install. There is no to circumvent this important step, other than to have your node lock manually cleared by support, which may involve a service charge..