Capture Editor Render

  • Renders the viewport and captures each screen pixel, to a point cloud.


  • LAZPoints - LAZPoint only.
  • Points -Generates a C4D point object, with R,G and B vertex maps. display is managed by lazpoint itself, so you need to make editable, to work with the resulting point cloud. 
  • Hair - LAZPoint turns into a hair generator. Connect it up to the hair shader,and you can render LAZPoint , as hair.
  • TP -  Generates a thinking particles group and fills it with LAZPoints.
  • XParticles - inserts an XP generator under lazpoint. Filled and colored. You need to be on frame 1 or greater for this to work.

C4D Width

  • This is the width of the object in C4D space. If your using a real scanned point-cloud, the cloud will be scaled so that one C4D meter = one real world meter. the width is calculated automatically, by lazpoint.  you can reset this to any value you like, but it is by default set to match C4D units, to real world units.


  • With this slider, you can show/hide your points, depending on the the order in which they where captured, or scanned. 100% = show everything.


  • Set the number of points you want to show. 
    • Full - show all points
    • 1/2
    • 1/4
    • 1/8

TIP : This setting can be overridden in the render settings tab, so that your display shows less, but you render all points, at render time.


  • this show the number of points int he point cloud, the number of points being displayed in the viewport, and the number of layers the cloud has.