All Points

  • Render all points, at render time. This overrides the object display setting, at render time.

Receive Illumination

  • Points, receive illumination from atmosphere, lights, at render time.

Receive Shadow

  • Points, receive shadows, at render time.

Cache On First Frame

  • If your point cloud does not change, and you simply animating a camera move, over your point-cloud, you can enable this setting, to speed up rendering. It caches first pre-pass  on the first frame of your sequence, so that the following frames no longer need to calculate this pass. This is a big speed boost for rendering big static clouds.

Opacity (point opacity)

  • Strength
    • Set the opacity of your points, at render time.
  • Soften
    • Gives each point a nice linear falloff, from center its radius to the center * this value..