Once you have installed LAZPoint, in your plugin folder, you need to register the plugin.

  • To Register, go to your Cinema4D preferences and select LAZPoint Prefs.
  • Enter the order reference number you form your license purchase, and press enter.
  • If everything went as expected, it should tell you that it registered, or give you a reason why it could not.


  • This plugin requires an internet connection to register. The registration repeats itself automatically, at random intervals. So you do need an internet connection to so it can contact the license server.
  • the plugin registration is in no way linked to your C4D license. it is workstation, and user registration lock. you can de-register, or de-lock a license, by clicking on the registraiton button again, on a machine that was previously registered, with LAZPoint 2.


  • You can create a text file called "lazpoint.lic", with your order ref number in it, and place this file in the plugin folder. This results in automatic registration , and is good if you want to use render clients, or work in an environment, where you do not want people to have to keep entering the ref number.if the .lic file is found, and you have an available license, the plugin will try ti register itself for you. The user will not have to do anything.