Version 2.28 - Sep 15th 2018.

  • Fixed brightness, contrast , gamma ect.
  • Added Vis.Min and Vis.Max which replaces the previous Reveal setting. Allowing you to clip by min max index. Rather than just max as before..

Version 2.24 - Sep 12th 2018.

  • Major R18 Rebuild in preparation for R20 build.
  • Fixed display issues in R19.
  • Fixed Issues with clipping.
  • improved memory management.

Version 2.14 - Nov 15th 2017.

  • Fixed Missing ASC export option.
  • Fixed a nasty issue preventing files from loading.
  • improved Point mode. it now takes LAZ LOD into account.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with XParticle output
  • Added new settings to clip points by color (clip.color.min/max)

Version 2.12 - Nov 7th 2017.

  • Added Transform Settings (in modify tab) for  re-alignment of pointclouds.
  • Enhanced color range. Everything just looks better now.
  • Added Support for Radial laz/las files. These are rare, but worth supporting.
  • Added support for las/laz files which have no bounds set in their header.
  • Fixed modify/size/radial mode, which was not doing anything.
  • Added OpenGL Memory usage info to LAZPoint prefs.
  • Fixed a bug with stopping the VLS scanner from working.

Version 2.08 - Oct 23rd 2017.

  • Replaced color modifier with a gradient.
  • Lidar classification colors working correctly now..
  • if no colors are found, it auto switches to a height gradient.
  • Child objects with points, are rendered as points with LAZRender.
  • Minor improvements, and settings changed.
  • Realtime point selection. (SHIFT+ mouseover + LM)
  • Better Xparticle support.

Version 2.05 - Oct 6th 2017.

  • VLS scanner added.
  • LAS and LAZ export. 
  • 3D points
  • 3D shaded points.
  • Improved renderer.
  • Complete redesign of interface, for modifying color, size,etc.
  • Clipping and quantizing, color and size controls. (all in realtime)
  • Many bug-fixes and improvements.