Firstly, install the plugin...

Once you have installed Vector pro, you will need to go to the inema 4D prefs, and look for the vector pro prefs.

Vector pro R3.xx prefs can be found under the CinemaPlugins group.

  • Before you use your License Key, be sure that you are using it on the machine you want to keep using it on See the important note and the bottom of this page *

Enter your order ref number.

Enter your License Key

Hit "Get Activation Key". Your Web-browser will open, and you will see a page similar to the one below.

Copy and paste your activation key, into the next field.

If all went well, you will get a message telling you that your activation key is Valid, and you can start using the plugin.

*Important : 

  • Your Activation key is valid for the version of the plugin you purchased it for.
  • You can use your the plugin with your license, on all versions of c4d which the plugin runs on, on the platform you purchased it for. i.e. if you purchased a mac license, it will not run on a windows machine.
  • Your Activation key is valid on the workstation on which you generated the key for. 
  • Once you have used your activation key, and your license hash has been generated, it can not be undone,  and the key can not be re-used.

Your license locks to a couple of things.

  • OS type (win or mac)
  • Your computer name.