Any image,movie or shader.

Sample Width & Height

The Sample size of the shader. Bigger sizes take longer to process.


A convenience function to quickly reduce or increase the size of the sample area. (lower = faster, higher = slower)


Select what you want to use use from the shader result.

  1. Grey
  2. Color
  3. Alpha
  4. Contour (with multiple levels and displacement)

Alpha sampling samples an the alpha channel of an image or shader. Obviously this only applies to images or shaders which actually have an alpha channel.

Contour mode gives you multiple levels of contour.

i.e. for a simple noise shader you would get something like this:

5 levels:

10 levels:

5 levels and displacement set to 100

This is full animatable, and can be combined with other shaders and fields,etc.

Select & Tolerance

  • Select which color you want to vectorize from, and how fuzzy(Tolerant) the color match selection should be. 
  • Low tolerance levels will vectorize colors which are nearer to your color selection. 
  • Higher tolerance levels will include a wider range of colors.
  • i.e. 1%  will only vectorize almost exactly your chosen color, but 100% will select everything. So you want a value somewhere in the middle.
  • Best is to pick a color, and adjust the tolerance to get what you want.


Inverts everything.