Any image,movie or shader.

Sample Width & Height

The Sample size of the shader. Bigger sizes take longer to process.


A convenience function to quickly reduce or increase the size of the sample area. (lower = faster, higher = slower)


Select what you want to use use from the shader result.

  1. Grey
  2. Alpha
  3. R
  4. G,
  5. B,
  6. Min
  7. Max
  8. Contour

Select & Tolerance

  • Select which color you want to vectorize from, and how fuzzy(Tolerant) the color match selection should be. 
  • Low tolerance levels will vectorize colors which are nearer to your color selection. 
  • Higher tolerance levels will include a wider range of colors.
  • i.e. 1%  will only vectorize almost exactly your chosen color, but 100% will select everything. So you want a value somewhere in the middle.
  • Best is to pick a color, and adjust the tolerance to get what you want.