• 1 year, ticket based, limited support.
  • Please understand that for what this plugin costs, I can not provide a lot of support.But I will do my best.


  • Minor updates will be made available for free within your support period.


  • The license, and your activation key, is broad and easy to use.
  • An internet connection is only required to get your activation key. After you have your key, the plugin does not require any further connectivity and can be used offline.
  • The license key is only linked to your platform (win or mac), and your R21/R22 hardware ID. Nothing more. (i.e. it is not linked to your c4d license)
  • As long as you install the plugin on the machine it was first registered on, the activation key will always remain valid for your platform.
  • Your activation key will work on one machine only, but on multiple versions of cinema4d or with different c4d licenses.
  • if your C4D license changes, it will have no effect on your vector pro activation key.
  • if you want to install on another machine, you will need another license. Please ask for bundle license prices.

A Copy of the EULA for Vector Pro can be downloaded below..