April : 2024 R5.336 

WIN release. (mac version will follow shortly)

  • DEM Earth - Map Loader greyed out bug fixed.
  • Strata Object - Improvements.
  • Prefs - Check for updates improved.
  • DEM Earth Object - Slight changes to smart gradient "mount ain" default, to brighten it up a bit for non OCIO versions. 
  • DEM Earth - Map Loader - Live Update. Stability update. Re-uses tex tag (rather than delete and replace) and re-use georef tag (rather than delete and replace). Mitigate possible material DX texture problems. If tiles are missing, it will now only warn with a popup once per session.
  • Strata Object - now MultiThreaded. 1 thread per object.
  • Smart Extruder - Now uses Phong tag.
  • Smart Extruder - Vertex map tag now added to Object so that you can easily access the internal vertex map if enabled.
  •  Smart Extruder - Height vertex map is now generated correctly.
  • Poly Object - new filter (write a name to limit the number of )
  • Poly object - new mask generator.
  • Poly Object - faster import, less memory and geojson import in progress.
  • Geo Modifier - Displacement tab, with various settings for per object displacement.
  • Geo Modifier - now uses weights(i.e. vertex map weight, via restriction tag) 
  • Geo Modifier - transfers color properties (i.e. to an extruder)
  • Geo Modifier - now has fields.
  • Geo Modifier - UVW projection fixed. it got omitted with the 2024 rebuild.
  • Topo Vertex Maps 2 : now in Beta (see extensions menu for the betas)
  • Delta Erosion : now in beta. More progress. takes dem earth as the starting state by inserting it under dem earth.WIP.
  • Data Manager - Default data set is now COP90.
  • Geocoder - specific Place name requests returning zero coordinates. Fixed.
  • Smart OSM - if you make Smart OSM editable, you get a bunch of splines split into groups.each with a small data tag. If you give these layers, and set the objects color to layer, smart extruder now uses the splines layer color.
  • Smart OSM - Flatten option. Set to 100% to fully flatten (and also speed up) spline output. 
  • Smart OSM - Append Number to selection tag (cap0, side0, base0),etc.
  • Smart OSM - Added several more tag filters for grouping. Resulting in more groups.
  • Smart OSM - Import uses less memory.
  • Smart OSM - Spline Generation is now up to 10x faster.
  • Smart OSM - imports parsing is now much faster.
  • DEM Earth - Any tool requesting height data from DEM Earth now responds significantly faster (Async improvements)
  • Prefs    - There is an option to choose if you want to use the color channel or the reflection channel as the basis for materials. Default is now color.
  • Prefs     - You can set a default zoom, by appending a zoom number to the location string. (lat,lon,zoom) This can also be a bounding box (w,s,e,n) where zoom is then calculated from that box. These traits can be pass in the clipboard. i.e. 2 floats = lat,lon. 3 floats = lat,lon,zoom. 4 floats is a bounding box. when you hit copy(ctrl-c) in DEM Earth, it now copies 3 traits (l,l,z) so you can not copy from one scene, and it will know the zoom level in the new scene.

Dec 22nd : 2023 R5.200


DEM Earth - 2 new data sets, COP 30 and COP 90. World wide, much better quality than the other data sets.

Delta Erosion - added back into project (WIP see vimeo.com/896729908)

DEM Earth - a multitude of further optimizations.

DEM Earth - Dialog cleanup.

DEM Earth - Menus changed. Data Manager is now first, followed by the GeoCoder.

DEM Earth - New default phong setting in 2024 is "square area weighted", this works better with strata.

Data Manager -  when you press "Flush memory" if you hold down the shift key, it will also flush additional data reference                                   caches for the visible area. This can help resolve missing tiles, which have been permanently marked

                                 locally as not existing on the CDN remotely.

Data Manager - Changing data set now flushes all data, and reloads new data either from local cache, or remote CDN.

DEM Earth - Strata fixed  (got broke at some point)

Strata Object - Added Depth option, and removed phong tag, as phong is controlled from child objects.

PinPoint - pressing goto zooms in, if the coordinate is already at that position. You can now press shift+goto to zoom out                         from the pin.

PinPoint - Improved (less cycles required to refresh).

Poly Object - Added an optn to not calculate height dat at all. (Speeds up construction time)

Poly Object - Min admin is now 3.

Poly object - Much faster request (removed slow servers)

Team Render - Optimizations.

Smart OSM - Gradient color changes.

DEM Earth - Smart gradient, changed default colors.

Dec 9th : 2023 R5.185

DEM Earth     - if you double clicked on DEM earth, it might flush (and reload) the grid. causing a short delay. This is now fixed.

DEM Earth     - Menus missing in some layouts. Now resolved.

Team Render     - Various fixes and improvements.

DEM Earth     - Save embedded data compressed. 

                There is an option to enable/disable this in prefs (under various setting/other stuff). 

                MultiThreraded reduction Reduces file size by up to 75% with no speed hit. 

                Can be much faster to load/transport. 

                This is ideal for Team rendering, but also reduces file size by a lot in general use.

                Note :  if you save compressed, you will not be able to load a scene into an older version of DEM Earth. Please                     be aware of this.

Data Manager -  Added an option to display loaded data chunks. 

                        Note :     If you intend to render to Team Render, you should be sure that all the data that will be used in                             your sequence, is visible in the frame you save on.

                        best is to run your sequence, and have a look a the loaded data, and be sure that everything that will be                             needed is being saved with the scene, because a TR client/server can not load any data.

                        TR clients have to work with what is embedded in the file.

Nov 30th : 2023 R5.179

    Team Render - Clients must  not download anything.

    GeoCoder - Add PinPoint Object. Not initially placing pin correctly. fixed.

    Structure object - now included. Got omitted when updating everything for 2024.

    Team Render - (client server prefs) fixed, you need an additional seat per client, but both server and client will now work as expected.

    Check for updates improved.

    New Downloader further Improved.

    Improvements to some of the map layers.

    Fixed Map layer Tile outline and corner alpha issues.

    Code maintenance for robust connectivity.

Nov 21st : 2023 R5.175

    DEM Earth - A multitude performance and stability improvements.

    DEM Earth - Caching improvements. Data is saved with a scene. Make sure you save a scene with your largest extent visible, for this to work properly.

    DEM Earth - Contour Fade over distance. Mitigates resolution limitations of the gradient shaders. 

    Data Manager- New Dynamic Width (Aspect) setting.


Oct 31st : 2023 R5.170

    DEM Earth - Map Loader 2.0. Uses new downloader. No waiting for it to download. Now has a live mode which auto updates active tag when you move location. Otherwise you can use shift key to update georef tag.

    DEM Earth - downloading stability (bigger, better, faster, stronger).

    GeoCoder - Fixed (working again)

    Prefs - Fixed multiple issues when support expires.

    Topo vertex maps - fixed.

    Geo Edge- fixed.

    Outliner - fixed.

    DEM Earth - Fixed. Object.Scale.Factor setting stopped working (because of the protection tag).

Oct 23th : 2023 R5.160    

    DEM Earth - Fixed shading issue with RS and gradient.

    DEM Earth - more default Texture and gradient adjustments for Redshift.

    DEM Earth - Save With Assets. Saves data tiles to the scene folder.

    DEM Earth - new downloader. Much faster. No need to cache raw data. 10x faster unpacking and more..

Oct 10th : 2023 R5.147

    DEM Earth - Unified WIN builds from R21 to 2024.

    Smart OSM - fixed bug with poly parent, where the mask was inverted.

    DEM Earth - More shading tweaks for RS, and older versions of c4d.


    PinPoint Object - Added a Goto Button. 

        Press once to center DEM on the pin coordinate.

        Press again to zoom in (2x the current zoom)

    DEM Earth - Layer exposure values adjust for opencolorio.

    DEM Earth - Add Protection Tag to DEM Earth (you can disable this in prefs).

    DEM Earth - With RS, now auto sets OpenColorIO. Always Looks better.

    DEM Earth - RS Dome light default texture is now sastudios.xyz_-_High_Noon_01_4K.exr.

        kindly provided by Shawn Astrom.

    Prefs     - added option to set default contour line count (set to zero for no lines)

    Prefs     - Added a setting in prefs to select the default HDR image for the RS light.

    Prefs     - Added option to Set new materials as additive (on by default). 

        Disable this to behave as before. Feedback welcome.

    DEM Earth     - Performance improvements, and Threading issues resolved.

    Poly Object     - do not make a pin if one already exists with the same name, and location.

    Poly Object     - improved CSV import for packages.

    Poly Object     - search result no longer appends to the userdata group. 

        They are appended to the “Poly Areas” Tab/Group and are now immediately visible.

        Clearer/less confusing.    

    Poly Object     - Further improvements.

    Data Manager     - Append multiple items in one hit.

    Data Manager     - Stability.

Sep 25th : 2023 R5.129

    Route Object : Bounds issue resolved, which resulted in wrong resize.

    Poly Object : Fixed some bounding box issues.

    Pin Point : Adding multiple pins bug fixed.

    Redshift : lots of adjustments so things look much better with Redshift out of the box.

    Contour lines : (see smart gradient for settings)

    Redshift : Auto Dome Light and default HDR bg. Otherwise its too dark without some lighting.

    Materials: moved gradients into reflection, so they work better with RS.

Sep 13th : 2023 R5.121

    DEM Earth - Massive 2024 rebuild.

    Poly Object - more fixes.

Aug 20th : 2023 R5.115

    Poly Object - When using shift to create a new poly object, the new poly object copies some values from the origin.

    Poly Object - Added Clip to parent option, optionally hiding all segments outside of parent bounding box.

    Poly Object - Increased images size for masks and maps.

    Poly Object - Name and Group Sorting.

    Poly Object - Further Improvements.

Aug 11th : 2023 R5.113

    Smart OSM   - Fixed a issue with smart OSM where the interface could be greyed out (caused by an undocumented API change).

    World files - Expanded precision to 15 decimal places.

    Smart OSM   - allow negative node and way ID's.

    Poly Object - Changed default reduction to zero, as this can slow things down on huge polys.

    Poly Object - Added progress indicator for large imports !

    Poly Object - Fixed a bounds bug which could result in center at 0,0

    Poly Object - Import polys from qgis and other minor issues fixed (thanks for reporting Jeremy)

    Poly Object - All Character encoding problems resolved.

    Poly Object - Added CSV loader (for border packages).

    Poly Object - Improvements and bug Fixes for huge areas/borders.

    Poly Object - Big update.

    DEM Earth  - Improvements for large areas (threading issues and out of bounds cases could crash)

    DEM Earth  - Added World Tree Mask layer (up to level 13)

    DEM Earth  - Hillshade

    DEM Earth  - Added 3 new mapbox layers (requiring an API key)

    DEM Earth  - Added 3 new Ordinance Survey (OS) layers for UK mapping (requiring an API key)

    DEM Earth  - Ggl Sat layer fixed on MACOS.

    Erosion Alpha - Added.

May  : 2023 R5.100

    DEM Earth  - Ggl Sat layer fixed.

    DEM Earth  - stick to floor is now the default.

    DEM Earth  - default subs raised to 500.

    Infinity Object - Dynamic subd working now. +Way faster..

    DEM Earth  - Fixed issue with UV map.

    DEM Earth  - Fixed issue when rounding is enabled. Normals where flipped and uvs where off.

    DEM Earth  - New Sampling core. Massive speed up, safer better all around. This effects all tools positively.

    DEM Earth  - Vertex map via fields support added.

    Strata Object - Fixed an issue with strata base. New default is solid. Added offset option.

    DEM Earth  - TLS (1.2 or greater) compliance requirements implemented.

    GeoRef Tag - Added a mirror switch. (More to come on this.)

    Poly Object- Adapt to server changes. Resolves empty poly issues.

    Poly Object- Capacity bug found and fixed.

    Vertex Map - (Topo maps deformer) Alpha.

May 4th : 2023 R5.080

    DEM Earth     - ASC loader bug fixed.    

    DEM Earth     - Prefs :Save lic button added.

            - Prefs :Load lic button added.  i.e. if you save your lic info to a folder, you can later load your lic info from that file (yourname_DEMEARTH_ACOUNT.lic)    

    DEM Earth   - Prefs Dialog major overhaul.      Added buttons to upgrade to a floating license, and add seats.

    DEM Earth   - Prefs :Added option to Auto Remove Node ID (on Exit) from your account. It then Auto adds your ID, when you open c4d.  This requires that you have the floating license option, and active support.

    DEM Earth   - Floating License complete overhaul.   It now lets you auto de-register on exit, and re-register on startup. More inline with what users seem to expect.


    DEM Earth    - Relaxed license.  Make it easier for users to change their c4d version, as long as they are on the same machine. This should reduce support..


    DEM Earth   - Only check for updates in c4d ( not on clients, servers, command line etc ).

    GeoCoder    - Remember last search.

    Poly Object - Don't Clear Current outline if Alt key(options button on mac) is pressed.

    Poly Object - UserData ID's are now relation ID's

    Poly Object - Fixed string errors from cached searches.

    Smart Extruder - New option to not hide Smart OSM spline source when generating geometry with Smart Extruder.



April 14th : 2023 R5.066

    Bug fix update (fixes several reported crashes)

    Increased resolution of status bar coordinate.

    Smart Extruder : Added a setting "per level" for height multiplier.

    Smart Extruder : Added a multiplier for extrusion height.

    Added - WMTS "Copernicus Sentinel 2 cloudless sat 2021" image layer, up to level 16.


If you have a recent version of DEM Earth , you should be able to download updates from your dem earth prefs.

if you can not download from prefs, and your support is up to date,  please make a support ticket to get an update.

5.055 is for :

  • WIN , R20 to 2023 (or greater) 
  • MAC R25 to 2023 (or greater)

5.055 Feb 22nd 2023   

>> Massive smart OSM and SMART Extruder updates. breaks previous OSM data.<<

>> you will need to re-fetch SMART OSM data, by flushing and re-fetching in SMART OSM <<

Smart Extruder - core Rewrite continued. Huge improvements. Crazy fast, bigger,better, faster, more of everything.

Smart OSM - structure rewrite. Ground work. Better interpretation of data.Many things are now managed one time one time at import. Much more to come.

Smart OSM - undo after flushing data now works. I had disabled this previously because the data was too large to be held in ram, multiple times, by the undo process.

Smart OSM - much smaller scene data footprint.

Smart OSM - new methods for data interpretation (more to come to speed this up.The first step is to make this understand the data better).

5.019 Jan 21st 2023   

Smart OSM  - Added Minimum points option.

Smart OSM  - New options to generate either open ways, closed ways , or both. 

Smart OSM  - Filter points by angle on import. By setting the import filter angle, you can easily reduce the number of points that have to be processed post import.

Smart OSM  - Clipping : for closed ways, all points must be inside the clip zone. no partial clipping for closed segments.

Smart Extruder - Added Field support (height scale)

Smart OSM - internal changes to pass data to new smart extruder core (data tag).

Smart OSM - Fix segment winding order on import (rather than later in smart extruder)

Smart Extruder - core Rewrite (multi CPU) and huge improvements. Crazy fast, with much better results.

Fixed an issue with the update checker.  

5.009 Jan 3rd 2023

  Smart Extruder - default sort by name.

  Smart extruder - default 10 groups

  Smart Extruder - Default material.

  Smart Extruder - Major update , fixing several issues. 

  Win an mac parity again.

  Mac 2023,25/26,23/24 builds.

  New Icons completed -  (for now)

  Big Cleanup for mac builds.

  Poly Object - Added a Check for existing pin with same name / coordinate, to avoid multiple duplicate pins.


5.005 December 23rd 2022

New Icons.

Added new 90m Data for NE Canada up to 69 degrees North. 

Route object    - Append route type to name of new route tracks.

GeoRefTag      - fixed Center mode lon lat settings.  They where wrongly assigned meaning LON would only go to WE90. 

Smart Extruder - Added "Unify Normals" option. To fix some normal problems.

Smart OSM    - Rotation order for outlines fixed. Some outlines need to be reversed so that the normals in the smart extruder end up the right way around. 

DEM Earth    - Relaxed floating license. As long as the platform ID (W or M) and the Identifier (after separator) match, the license will pass as valid. This means that as long you have the floating license option, you can install on i.e. R25/26 and 2023, and you will not need to release/add your node lock.

DEM Earth    - GeoModifier Rewrite. Much better now.

DEM Earth    - Strata odd behavior with gradient fixed.

DEM Earth    - Location Drag behavior rewritten and greatly improved..

DEM Earth    - Gradients. Another Partial rewrite. Got it right this time. No need for an extra option for octane now.

DEM Earth    - Vastly Improved performance for no data ( i.e. water zones ).

DEM Earth    - Vastly improved performance for larger areas.

DEM Earth    - Errorhash2 implemented.

DEM Earth    - Improvements to gradients

Poly Object    - When loading a Poly file, insert a named Pinpoint at the center of each group, under the poly object. 

Poly Object    - Added a Clear button to clear internal data.

Poly Object    - Added Offset setting.

Poly Object    - Generate Line segment image for GPX tracks (make a mask) Room for improvement on this, but its a good start.

Poly Object    - Added GPX WayPoint Loading.

Poly Object    - Added GPX track Loading.

Poly Object    - Multi Color Mask option (for multi borders).

Poly Object    - multi borders.

Poly Object    - Realtime refresh.

Poly Object    - Higher resolution masks

Poly Object    - Vastly Improved performance.

DEM Earth SDS     - beta included.

Fragment Object - Additional settings.

4.601 Sept 01 2022

Added a build for cinema 4D 2023

4.600 August 22 2022

  • DEM Earth Gradient- Refresh less :)
  • DEM Earth Gradient- Added Octane compatible gradient option. see in prefs/other stuff/octane compatible (for the default) then in your dem earth object, under gradient/Details there is an option to make the gradient octane compatible.
  • DEM Earth export – Fixed Height data export and grid layers which where locked to level zero.
  • DEM Earth Info – Fixed. Distance info for lon and lat where switched. oops.
  • DEM Earth Prefs – Cleanup.
  • DEM Cloner – Fixed an issue in with Poisson Disc distribution, which resulted in empty chunks.
  • DEM Earth – Added auto check for updates (see prefs) daily/weekly/monthly , etc.


4.595 July 15th 2022

  • DEM Earth – Found and fixed a critical bug which could result in flat data on reload of a scene.
  • DEM Earth – New default location. Glacier Peak.
  • DEM Earth – New default zoom is 4.
  • Gradients – Added “Mount Ain” as default gradient preset.
  • Gradients – Added Save (so you can save a preset) *.gradient Presets from the gradient folder are automatically loaded into the Type list.
  • Gradients – Added Copy/Paste.
  • Gradients – New icons for action buttons. The c4d icons I chose initially are completely different in previous versions of c4d.
  • Prefs – Added an option to set the default starting location (see prefs, under Various Settings / Other stuff) (more to come on this) It is a text field. i.e. Copy/paste a valid coordinate in here.

4.590 July 7th 2022

  • DEM Earth – Added new Layer – Global surface Water, up to level 13.
  • DEM Earth – Added Interpolation mode “Auto” which switches the interpolation to linear, if zoom is at 1.0 or less (calculates faster)
  • DEM Earth – Rewrote entire geographic sampling code (much better threaded and significantly faster)
  • DEM Earth – Rebuilt the default gradient with explicit colors at altitudes. See new gradient tab. WIP. Looking good :)
  • DEM Earth – Fixed several possible crashes, and a possible deadlock condition when saving.oops.
  • DEM Earth Server – You can now use either your email address or your account name to connect. The email must be unique to your account.
  • DEM Cloner – Fixed a crash with multiple child objects. oops.
  • Poly Object – Added option to check for outline parity. This ensures that an outline will always generate a surface with a normal which points upwards.i.e. if you extrude in leave auto on, it can go in the wrong direction, if this option is not activated.
  • Poly Object – Added an option to sample all points for height, take the max,or min, or most common height value. Useful for multi-polygon buildings, or water areas to avoid jagged vertical outlines.
  • Poly Object – Added an option to expand Poly Object to parent bounds. This creates an an image which fits the parent area, rather than the area of the polygon.
  • GeoReference tag – Added an invert option to embedding.
  • GeoReference tag – Now shows its image outline, if it is select. i.e. the DEM Earth object does not need to be selected. Selecting the tag shows the image bounds (in yellow)
  • GeoReference tag – Can now connect to Vector Pro 3. i.e. it sets the Image link, the size, axis, and position. Allowing you to extract vector data from an image layer..
  • GeoReference tag – Moved level setting to underneath capture button.


4.570 May 31st 2022

  • DEM Earth – fixed ASC and tiff loader crash with bi-cubic interpolation when embedding via data manager.
  • Poly Object – if Primary outline is activated, it now selects the largest outline inside the parent dem earth bounds.
  • Poly Object – if Primary outline is activated, alpha mask is now clipped to the parent dem earth bounds.
  • ASC/tiff/Outliner – fixed a bug which prevented embedded ASC or tiff height data from re-loading if an outliner object was in the stack.
  • DEM Earth – increased max subs to 6k
  • DEM Earth – Fit To Texture Icon was missing (to the right of the zoom slider)
  • DEM Earth Cloner – Added Color to instances and a color gradient range to dialog.
  • This is useful for creating basic tree shades, which is what this is for. Works great with Redshift.

4.565 May 12th 2022

  • DEM Earth – Cubic Interpolation fix for holes in data which can cause wild interpolation spikes.
  • GeoCoder – GoTo now Resets DEM Earth coordinate offsets to zero.
  • POLY Object – 1 level lower
  • DEM Earth – Fix for high request rate with missing data.
  • DEM Earth – Maintenance and improvements.
  • DEM Earth – Threading fine tuning.
  • DEM Earth – Changes to the default gradient.
  • DEM Earth – Further code cleanup and code reduction towards a new mac build!
  • GeoReference Tag – Added an option to load world file settings from a file.

4.500 April 26th 2022

  • DEM Earth Smart OSM – a multitude of server updates, due to osm servers going down, changing and other issues beyond my control.
  • DEM Earth Poly Object – server update and other solutions for various issues beyond my control.
  • DEM Earth Poly Object – fixed most of the UTF32 issues causing names to show as garbage names.
  • DEM Earth shaders – removed.
  • DEM Earth Project – Huge cleanup and maintenance getting ready for an m1 native build.

4.495 Sept 2021

  • DEM Earth  – Rebuilt for R25

4.493 Aug 14th 2021

  • DEM Earth  – Loading and refresh issues resolved.

4.491 Aug 3rd 2021

  • DEM Earth prefs – Additional information for license type and clearer explanations of what might be wrong if you fail to connect.
  • DEM Earth prefs – Download updates directly from prefs.
  • DEM Earth License – If there is a server problem or you lose your internet connection, the plugin will continue to work for up to 10 days without a connection to the DEM Earth license server.
  • DEM Earth Cloner – Faster. Various bugfixes and threading improvements. Works much better with larger areas.
    DEM Earth – Improved background loading response.
  • DEM Earth – Faster Sampling code makes everything even better!
  • DEM Earth Interpolation – improvements Various bug fixes.
  • DEM Earth Pin Point – Placement bug fix.

4.444 May 27th 2021

  • DEM Earth – a multitude of optimizations, improvements, and bug fixes.
  • DEM Earth prefs – moved the Flush memory button out in to the data manager. It now does what it was supposed to.
  • Major Server Changes for better performance and content delivery.

4.403 April 8th 2021

  • DEM Earth PinPoint Object – Bug fix
  • DEM Earth Cloner – Memory Leak fixed.
  • DEM Earth Cloner – Improvements

4.380 April 2nd 2021

  • DEM Earth HELP   – Links to helpdesk articles for Prefs, cloner, poly object, Route Object, Smart OSM Object. WIP.
  • DEM Earth Prefs  – Interface makeover.
  • DEM Earth Cloner – Added Distribution Modes – Random, Poisson, Grid, Hex
  • DEM Earth Cloner – Interface makeover.
  • DEM Earth Cloner – Fixed seed value, which was not properly used.
  • DEM Earth Cloner – Falloff Spacial bug fixed.
  • DEM Earth Cloner – Falloff now scales instances, rather than culling them. this is better for motion blur when the counts don’t want to be changing.
  • DEM Earth Cloner – Final Code Cleanup.

4.357 March 20th 2021

  • DEM Earth Cloner – Settings updated
  • DEM Earth Cloner – Added support for fields.
  • DEM Earth Cloner – now works with Octane. (via mg_cloner) for this to work, drop a mograph cloner before DEM cloner, and set the mg cloner to multi instances. It is then driven by DE cloner (zombie mode)
  • Image Downloader – ESRI links removed (for now) pending clarity.
  • Image Downloader – method updated to new downloader core. Slightly slower, but more reliable(less possibility of black tiles)
  • DEM Earth Cloner – initial refresh issue fixed.
  • DEM Earth Cloner – now inserts itself under an active DEM Earth object, if one is selected on creation.

4.302 March 10 2021

  • Data Downloader rewrite. Everything is now way better :)
  • Removed dead Image layers.
  • Added – DEM Earth cloner. A tree map for the entire planet.
  • Added – your account ID is now visible in prefs, to help you spot if there is mismatch.
  • More fixes and improvements than I dare to put into words.

4.155 December 20th 2020

  • added – dem earth scene cache. Loaded base height data is saved with the scene. this eliminates a lot of problems with reloading and unpacking data when a scene is loaded back in. Your data is now instantly ready.
  • added – Tree image layer (up to level 12)
  • added – new filed to the georef tag, to insert shaders or images that you additionally want to have locked down to the dem earth surface.
  • changes – to the Structure object (this is still a never ending WIP)
  • Added – protective code to mitigate multiple installs. Since R20, it is now very easy to have the same plugin trying to load from multiple locations. Its sloppy, but it is how it is, and we have to deal with it. if multiple versions try to load, it will stop trying to load the plugin again, and print the name of the directory it was trying to load from to the console. The console output has been cleaned up.
  • Added – a color selection shader. Use this to select water(or whatever) by picking a color, and setting a tolerance. As good as it gets. This should bake well for other engines. this is a great goto shader, which should find applications for a lot of tasks that should be trivial, but are not.
  • Added – a normal shader setup button to the Georef tag.
  • Removed – the “data set” tab from the dem earth main object interface. Now found in the Data Manager.
    if you are using multiple dem earth objects, in a parent/child structure, only the parent has control. The controlling parent is now indicated by a blue bounding box.
  • Background loader – speedup, Stability, caching and performance improvements to the height data background loader.
  • OSM object – Details – Interpolation distance set to 100m by default. This ensures that there are enough points to match a surface.
  • Poly Object – Refresh, stability and performance improvements.
  • Geo Edge – New Point removal mode. Removes points by nbr angle. Just an experiment that is worth leaving in there. Maybe someone can make use of it.

4.100 November 3 2020

  • Added – smart Hide visibility setting directly to dem earth. this looks great in the viewport as it hides edges where the connecting polys have similar normals.
  • Added – Smart Slide function to the Geo Edge modifier (slice geometry along a water line)
  • Added – Smart Split function to the Geo Edge modifier.
  • fixed – lots of selection tags where being created on the dem earth object.
  • fixed – a small bug in smart OSM which caused random segments to appear, depending on the interpolation setting.
  • improved – outliner.
  • improved – embedding of tiffs is now at least 3 times faster and much more efficient using the new data manager.
  • removed – asc embed settings from dem earth object, and replaced them with a new data manager tool.
  • fixed – a nasty bug which could cause a freeze when selecting admin borders which would initiate height downloads.added new height data -for Iceland – SRTM 90m and 30m
  • added new height data – Iceland – SRTM 90m and 30m
  • added new height data – Scandinavian regions 60 to 71 degrees north – SRTM 90m and 30m (derived from EU-dem)
  • added new height data – Alaska 60 to 72 degrees north – SRTM 90 (derived from USGS_NED_2)

4.090 October 8th 2020

  • fixed – a crash bug on macs being caused by there being multiple versions of the plugin in the launch folder. Fully caused to the fact that cinema4d loads all versions into c4d. Before deciding which ones should be unloaded.
  • Added – Outline object (beta first show), for polygonizing lots of road splines, quickly. I will wait for user feedback on this.

4.080 October 5th 2020

  • Added -new object  – DEM Earth structures.
  • This is still being worked on, but it is worth adding at this point. This object can be used on any spline, but is meant to be used with Smart OSM, to add structure blocks, to roads, in remote areas, where no building outlines exist.
  • It’s fast, and also makes use of fields, so you can restrict where you want blocks to go.

4.073 September 29th 2020

  • Fixed – tweetmap and traffic volumes.
  • Added – 3 new “no label” image layers. Voyager,Positron and Dark Matter
  • Updated – Smart OSM. Massive speed, and functionality updates. Clipping,filtering and ordering, have vastly changed. You can now download a lot more with Smart OSM.
  • updated – Poly Object, to work better with smart OSM.
  • updated = smart extruder, to work better with smart OSM.
  • fixed – possible error saving masks on manually imported polys with multiple line endings after their name.

4.037 September 13th 2020

  • Added – Setting in prefs for Downloader resulting file format. currently TIFF,PNG, EXR. default is TIFF.
  • Changed – Clean up in prefs “various” options.
  • Changed – When you grab osm data with the OSM object, it no longer centers on the new data. Much better.
  • Added – Exporting height data now exports a world file ,as well as the info file.

4.036 September 9th 2020

  • Added – Reverse geocoding to the pinpoint object. press shift+mouse-down to move a pinpoint in the viewport. When you release the mouse the address is recalculated and the pin gets renamed, and given an annotation tag.
  • New – Geo Edge. An intelligent triangulation modifier.

Version 4.035 September 6th 2020 (WIN + MAC) for R20,R21, S22 , R23

  • Fixed – An issue causing random crashes with the new background downloader. A nasty one, but it seems to be sorted now.
  • Fixed – Some rounding errors with the new geocoder. i.e. if you put in Amsterdam, it would round it to longitude 4 instead of 4.9 and you would be miles off.
  • Added – a tiff loader. Exactly the same as the ASC loader, but a tiff takes up a lot let space, loads in instantly, and just better. it needs a world file to go with it. but if any of you use global mapper, this is a nice addition.
  • Added – geocoder can now bake uvw coords to flat projection for you, in realtime, so you don’t have to bake your textures for exporting.
  • Fix – ggle image layers on MAC

Version 4.031 Aug 20th 2020 (WIN + MAC) for R20,R21 and S22

  • Complete rebuild of the entire project, for unified and automated builds across R20,21,22 and beyond. This will speed up updates.
  • Complete rebuild of height data downloading methods. No more waiting for height data to load. New potential.
  • Complete rebuild of the geocoder.
  • A lot of changes in preparation for R23 and beyond.
  • more bugfixes.

Version 4.022 May 18th 2020 (WIN + MAC) for  R21 and S22

  • Change all map layer urls to to https (from http)
  • OpenStreetmap, no labels fixed (server address changed)
  • Google layers fixed.
  • added google terrain layer..
  • added a visual border to texture tags.
  • Updated Esri World layer to the newer Clarity layer (better quality)
  • Updated tile downloader. you should be able to increase the max threads now.
  • Fixed a bug/odd group/crash, in the prefs “cinemaplugins menu” top group.
  • Fixed a bug with strata on/off.
  • added an option in world settings to scale dem earth by the world scale factor.
  • embedding an image via the georef tag now automatically detects the height of the layer.
  • Clean up of extensions/dem earth, where you can also find the plugins(as well as in the top menu)
  • Fixed loads of other small bugs :)

added the ability to segment parts of dem earth, and cut them out into standalone objects.
This uses the georef tag to re-project the flat coordinates to uv space, in realtime. For this to work, you have to drop a specific texture tag, controlled by a georef tag, into the link slot, in the geomodifier. Probably needs a tut, but it is dead easy in the end(its magic).

Version 4.013 Feb 19th 2020 (WIN + MAC R21)

  • Fixed a bug which effected the help system.
  • Fixed a bug limiting the size of dem earth via handle.
  • Fixed a bug in poly object preventing names in different languages from being read correctly.
  • fixed several small bugs.
  • fixed ASC direct loading where normals where inverted.
  • improved ASC loader. Huge speedup (up to 10x)
  • general speedup. several parts of the pipeline are now multi threaded. (i.e. geo-modifier)
  • Added dem earth plugins to extensions menu as well as standard and default layouts.
  • height data export. new modes.
    • 32 bit, single channel tiff. These values contain the c4d values in c4d space, as is.
    • 32 bit, normalized, single channel exr. Contains the normalized range values (0.0->1.0) remapped between min/max c4d height values.
    • 16 bit, normalized, single channel png. Contains the normalized range values (0.0->1.0) remapped between min/max c4d height values.
    • an .info file is also exported, to give you some idea of whats in the file.
    • the height file now gets an informative unique name.
    • the export is multi-threaded,and is several times faster than the initial effort.
  • Added new DEM Earth shaders. These shaders work with Cinema4D engines as well as Corona.
    • Contours       (adaptive contour lines which do not distort and scale with DEM Earth zoom)
    • Simple Slope (a nice, easy to use, slope shader)
    • Valley fog      (a nice simple fog shader ! )