Plugin VersionStatusFor Cinema4DMACWINUpgrade
yesyes (10)Paid Major with new features
yesyes (7,8,10)Paid Major with new features
3.163ReleasedR14 to R19 yesyes (7,8,10)Major

Version 4.022 Feb 19th 2020 (WIN + MAC R21)

Version 4.022 May18th 2020 (WIN + MAC R21/R22(S22))

  • Change all map layer urls to to https (from http)
  • Open Streetmap, no labels fixed (server address changed)
  • Google layers fixed.
  • added google terrain layer..
  • added a visual border to texture tags.
  • Updated Esri World layer to the newer Clarity layer (better quality)
  • Updated tile downloader. you should be able to increase the max threads now.
  • Fixed a bug/odd group/crash, in the prefs “cinemaplugins menu” top group.
  • Fixed a bug with strata on/off.
  • added an option in world settings to scale dem earth by the world scale factor.
  • embedding an image via the georef tag now automatically detects the height of the layer.
  • Clean up of extensions/dem earth, where you can also find the plugins(as well as in the top menu)
  • Fixed loads of other small bugs :)

added the ability to segment parts of dem earth, and cut them out into standalone objects.
This uses the georef tag to re-project the flat coordinates to uv space, in realtime. For this to work, you have to drop a specific texture tag, controlled by a georef tag, into the link slot, in the geomodifier. Probably needs a tut, but it is dead easy in the end(its magic).

Version 4.013 Feb 19th 2020 (WIN + MAC R21)

  • Fixed a bug which effected the help system.
  • Fixed a bug limiting the size of dem earth via handle.
  • Fixed a bug in poly object preventing names in different languages from being read correctly.
  • fixed several small bugs.
  • fixed ASC direct loading where normals where inverted.
  • improved ASC loader. Huge speedup (up to 10x)
  • general speedup. several parts of the pipeline are now multi threaded. (i.e. geo-modifier)
  • Added dem earth plugins to extensions menu as well as standard and default layouts.
  • height data export. new modes.
    • 32 bit, single channel tiff. These values contain the c4d values in c4d space, as is.
    • 32 bit, normalized, single channel exr. Contains the normalized range values (0.0->1.0) remapped between min/max c4d height values.
    • 16 bit, normalized, single channel png. Contains the normalized range values (0.0->1.0) remapped between min/max c4d height values.
    • an .info file is also exported, to give you some idea of whats in the file.
    • the height file now gets an informative unique name.
    • the export is multi-threaded,and is several times faster than the initial effort.
  • Added new DEM Earth shaders. These shaders work with Cinema4D engines as well as Corona.
    • Contours       (adaptive contour lines which do not distort and scale with dem earth zoom)
    • Simple Slope (a nice, easy to use, slope shader) 
    • Valley fog      (a nice simple fog shader ! )

Version 4.005 Oct 17th, 2019

  • 4 new height data sets
  • CloudFront height content delivery
  • New Route Object. 
  • Poly Object - new multipolygon query (for finding lakes, rivers and a lot more)(see lake image)
  • Smart extruder - big improvements, for better results. 
  • GeoCoder  rewrite. Now uses mapbox api for better results.
  • rebuilt licensing and self managed floating license option.
  • GeoRef Tag - Embedding functionality rebuilt(see lake image)
  • Complete new rebuild for R21
  • many other bugfixes and improvements.
    • in R21 there are no 11 numbers, so I have had to adapt my licensing to suit the new system.
      The new version comes with 2 licenses options.
      1.Node locked.
      there is no license server option anymore.

Version 3.701  Aug 15th 2019  (R20 mac + win)

  • DEM Earth- Connection to the new license server.
  • DEM Earth - Height data content now delivered via Cloudfront for MUCH faster downloads speeds in all regions.
  • DEM Earth  - Prefs - fixed a bug that showed wrong support date. To see your support status, hit the "check for updates" button.

Version 3.163  June 27th 2019  (R16,17,18,19 mac + win )

DEM Earth- Connection to  new license server complete.
  • Smart OSM -  fixed an issue which caused strange lines. This was due to openstreetmap now using 64bit node id's and the old version of DEM Earth using UIn32.
  • DEM Earth - Height data content now delivered via Cloudfront for MUCH faster downloads speeds in all regions.