The New Dem Earth Geocoder Was Rerwitten fro F4.xx and beyond.

What is Geocoding?

Address geocoding, or simply geocoding, is the process of taking a text-based description of a location, such as an address or the name of a place, and returning geographic coordinates, as a latitude/longitude pair, to identify a location on the Earth's surface. 

Simply enter an address or location name, into the Search field, and press enter.

Sometimes you might need to include a country name or a country ID. The field to right, lets you enter a country ID, so you don't have to repeat this for each search. i.e. US, DE, UK, GB, FR. if you Search for Paris,  the country name you entered is appended to the search query. So your search would be Paris,France, but you only need to enter Paris.

Once you have a result or 2, if you press Go To, it will set the dem earth point of interest to the coordinate shown as Lat and Lon. Note that it will make a dem earth object for you, if you did not previously make one.

if you press Make a Pin, it will create a named pin object for you, at that location, under your dem earth object and center on it (or create a dem earth object for you, and make a pin).