In version 4.030 the Geocoder was rewritten.

This new version gives you multiple results.

Entering a name, or address into the Search field, and pressing enter, will give you the 2 best matching results.

Note that there is a field, to the right of the search box. You can enter a country name, or code, in any language, into this box, and it is appended to your search.

i.e. you enter FR, or France or Frankreich, or Francia, etc, into that box on the right, and it remains there.

if you Search for Paris,  the country name you entered is appended to the search query. So your search would be Paris,France.

Once you have a result, if you press Go To, it will set the dem earth point of interest to the coordinate shown  as Lat and Lon.

if you press Make a Pin, it will create a named pin object for you, at that location, under your dem earth object and center on it (or create a dem earth object for you, and make a pin).