With DEM Earth R4..xxx and onward, you can self manage your license, with the floating license option.

You can upgrade your DEM Earth 4.xxx license, from a node locked license, to a floating license, from here..

  • Q: Why would I need a floating license?
  • A: The DEM Earth floating license option, lets you remove your node ID, from from your account. Your license is then free to re-lock with any Node ID. You can do that yourself, from the prefs pane, by simply pressing the Add/Remove Node ID button. The big advantage of a floating license, is that you can easily upgrade,from i.e. R20, to R21/S22 and R23 yourself.

  • Q: What does node locked mean?
  • A: Your DEM Earth license/account locks to the first Node ID you use it with. You can only use your license with that first Node ID, unless you have a DEM Earth floating license.

  • Q: What is the Node ID ?
  • A: The Node ID is a unique identifier, which is built from your Cinema 4D License ID, and hardware ID. Both of these factors are supplied by Maxon's SDK. 

  • The floating license option, is designed to make the DEM Earth license flexible for you, and reduce support for us. With a floating license, and active support, you can have immediate, automatic access, to all version updates, from a shared/synced folder.

Important Notes

  1. If you do not have a floating license, you will not be able to transfer your license between versions.
  2. You can only de-register, from the node ID that is currently in your account. You have to de-register before switching machines.
  3. We are are not responsible for your network settings. If you want to move to a different workstation, you will need to be sure that your network connectivity is working, and that your firewall or proxy is not blocking connectivity. We can not assist every time you want to swap workstations. This is something that you have to manage on your own.
  4. Starting with R5.xx, as long as you have a floating license, you can install dem earth on any supported version of c4d, as long the platform matches your account lock ID and the seat ID (the part after the underscore i.e.  W25_**yourseatID** ) match your local node ID. As long as you use the right username and password, R5 should just work, regardless of the c4d version.