The DEM Earth Route object can be used to create a simple arch, or an exact route between multiple pinpoints


  1. insert a Route object, under a dem earth object.
  2. Add 2 or more pinpoints or objects to the Object lists.


  • Arch Spline Settings : same as any spline in cinema 4d.
  • Arch : the arch angle of the generated route spline(s)
  • Objects : a list of objects to route between.


  • Supports true from , to , via routing.
  • World wide coverage.

  • Type : Drive, bicycle, or walk. 
  • Avoid : Nothing, motorways(major highways) or waterways.
  • Calculate : calculate a route between the first, and the last pinpoint. Via any pinpoints in between. This creates a new Poly route object, which is inserted under the dem earth parent.