Firstly, make sure you enter your account details correctly into your DEM Earth preferences.

Here are a few possible reasons why DEM earth doesn't show a landscape.

  • Password or account name, or both are wrong.
  • The 11 numbers of the c4d install you are working on, do not match the 11 numbers registered in your DEM Earth account.
  • Your firewall is blocking DEM Earth's communication with the server.
  • You are accessing the internet via proxy server. you would then need to allow DEM Earth to pass through your proxy.
  • Install the plugin in the prefs/plugins folder rather than directly in your c4d plugin folder.
  • Sometimes, simply restarting c4d will help.
  • Make sure you have enough disk space, on the drive where the files are cached to (see DEM Earth prefs/cache folders).
  • Make sure that the cache folders are writable. (access rights/permissions)

you can find out the latest build version from here..


  • You can easily add a new machine to your account here..
  • Depending on the time of day here in Germany, we may be asleep when you place your order. Your account has to be created before you can use the plugin, We will create your account as soon as possible.