Your support begins on the day you purchased your software license.

Unless otherwise stated, each plugin has the following support plan:

One Year   -  Ticket Support

Need extensive help ? Ask for paid, one on one support, with the product developer...

Q: Will my plugin stop working when my support expires?

A: No, of course not.

Q: what happens if my 11 numbers change?

A: Depending on the plugin, you may or may not, have a license that is locked to the first 11 numbers, of the C4D serial, with which you first used the plugin. If you upgrade from e.g, R17 to R18, you can have the number reset, but the previous number will be removed. We can only reset a node lock, if your support is up to date.

Q: I have lost my plugin file. can I get a new download link ?

A: if you purchased download insurance, you can  download for up to 2 years. if not you can make a support ticket and ask for a file if your support is up to date.

** Help and support can only be given on topics directly relating to products we sell. We can not, and explicitly will not provide FREE support for third party services or products, such as data collecting and processing,  sat imagery, or plugins or software not produced by (or affiliated to)

Product Support is a Free "goodwill" and voluntary service of Unless otherwise stated, you are not at any time purchasing a support contract, or support rights for any software product licensed or sold by  Free Support is given at the discretion of and its support team. It can not be resold, reimbursed, or transferred to another entity.