Whenever you purchase from CinemaPlugins.com, you get a Good and Proper Invoice, as defined by the US government and EU regulations.

The basic ingredients for a proper invoice are internationally unified, and are as follows:

  1. Name of the seller or contractor
  2. An incremental and accountable Invoice number.
  3. An order or contract number
  4. A description of the product being purchased.
  5. Clearly written quantities and unit prices.
  6. Tax or VAT number of the seller or re-seller.
  7. For a tax exempt business client, the VAT or Tax number of that business must be on the invoice.
  8. Address of both the seller and the buyer.
  9. The date and time of the purchase.

The invoice you receive from us, is in your own language and it will be accepted by any accountant, in any country.

Please Read the FAQ.. on export classification...

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Many of  sellers of digital goods,such as plugins or presets, will give you nothing more that an E-Junkie or paypal receipt. This is NOT an invoice or a valid bill of payment. In terms of accounting, it is nothing. This is particularly important in the EU and especially in Germany. As a business client, you should not accept a Paypal receipt as a substitute for an invoice, and your accountant should tell you this. An E-Junkie or Paypal receipt does not fulfill the most basic criteria required for a valid invoice.

 If you do not receive a good and proper invoice when purchasing digital goods online, you should ask why.