A Geometry Caching object.

Object Properties


Bake your Sequence (From -> To)

To bake something, you have to insert it as a child under an NCache object, pick the range you want to bake, and then Hit the Bake button. It will start baking the frames. One  the bake is complete, you should manually dispose of the original object(s) you baked.  Te number of frames and the RAM usage are displayed. Hit play, to run the cached sequence.

Frame Offset

Offset time of the visible Baked Frame.


When the Last frame is reached, you can either loop, or stop the visible cache frame.


A Vector which is added to your animation frames. You can set this to zero, or if  for example you you baked a character, you can make it walk, using this setting together with path mode.



Cache Ram Usage

Free Ram

Delete NCache

This will delete the contents of the cache. It can not be undone.


Load An Alembic Frame Sequence

This button lets you load either geometry, or points as an alembic sequence, into and NCache object. (i.e. from a Real-flow cache)  You pick the first *.abc frame, from a numbered sequence, and it will load in and cache the full sequence for you.

if the cache has geometry you will see it immediately, as it is loaded. If the cache does not have geometry (points only), you use NProxy object as a parent to the NCache, You can then set something like cloner, or the matrix object, to use NProxy, as it's points source.

for example, see : https://c4d.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/4000180862-working-with-mograph-cloner-alembic-particle-cache