When you purchase a license, you get both an order ref number, and a license key.  

There are 4 factors for activation:

  1. Order ref number*
  2. Your license key*
  3. Your Name (the user name of the c4d install you are activating from)**

These factors generate an activation key for your license. Your C4D license ID is not a factor.

*Order Specific.         Provided by you (the user/buyer), during activation, in the plugins preferences panel.

***  Q: Can I deactivate my license?

A: Partially, yes.  if 1,2, 3 and 4 match the initial license values, you can clear factor 4. This lets you unlock your license from specific hardware. Once you have deactivated your license, you can install the plugin on a new  machine, and reactivate it using the exact same info as before. As long as the ref number, key, and username are exactly the same, it will then lock to the new hardware.

Q: What if I have i.e. a Workstation and Laptop?

A: For this, it is recommended that you have 2 licenses. when you purchase 2 licenses, the second license is heavily discounted to cover exactly this kind of situation. 

Q: What if I have 2 or more c4d licenses?

A: Same as the same as the Workstation/laptop scenario.  For each hardware you run on, it will need a key.

Q: I have one c4d floating license.

A: Same as the same as the Workstation/laptop scenario.  for each hardware you run on, it will need a key.

Q: do I need to activate the plugin on a render-farm or with render clients?

A: No. A farm or a render client, is not going to be generating assets. it can read, and save assets  without any limitations.

Q: What if my c4d license ID changes?  (i.e. a rental license)

A: no problem. This makes no difference to your license.

Q: I have several versions of cinema 4D. Can I use my license on my machine, in multiple c4d versions?

A: Yes. as long as all factors are the same, you can use your license with multiple c4d versions.

Q: What about minor updates and bugfixes?

A: These will be free of chargeYou can download updates for your c4d version, from your plugin prefs.

Q: What about future major updates (i.e. for new versions of Cinema 4D)?

A: We can not provide updates forever, for free. Updates for future plugin versions for as yet unreleased versions of Cinema 4D are not free of charge. i.e. If you purchase your license in the R25 cycle, you can use it with S26, but an R27 build will require a plugin support renewal. 

Q: What sort of support can I expect?

A:  Basic: 1 year. Limited, support. Ticket based 48 hr response. 

if you have any ideas or suggestion, or reproducible issues, please post them in the Plugin Support Forum..

If you have bug reports,, please make a support ticket, and you will should a response within 48 hours or less.

If you need premium, paid support, or specific modifications for your particular workflow, just ask..