Version 1.11 April 20th 2022

  • Baking now works directly with physics and a multitude of scenarios which where not quite right with the initial release.
  • Baking from NCache to Alembic via RMB->bake now works as intended.
  • On save, NCache automatically decides if it can optimize the cache or not. If all frames have the same base structure, they can optimized for files size by removing all data which can certainly be derived from the first frame. This is important if you have a cache where really only points are changing position, and can dramatically reduce file sizes. If the structure constantly changing, the entire cache must be saved, which increases file size.

Version 1.102 April 12th 2022

  • Fix for Deleted normals and vertex color tags

Version 1.101  April 6th 2022

  • Quick fix for license activation issue in R25
  • Removed automatic Delta Vector calculation.

Version 1.100 April 5th 2022

  • Initial quiet release