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High res height data (2019)

Sorry if this question is already answered, but the last post concerning this topic is from 5 years ago and maybe things are different now.

I'm using DEM Earth to great success, but I need to have higher details in some places. I find it confusing with where to find this data, and how to use it.

Global Mapper - is this software actually providing any data. Or is it only used to convert purchased data into ASC that can be used in DEM?

ArcGIS Earth - can this software export height data with higher detail?

What other options are available as of late 2019?

Thank you/


global mapper doesn't provide any better height data that that which I provide. My height data is better,  especially now in R21 where I offer 4 height data sets. Global mapper is a tool which I myself use, to convert data from one projection, to another. it takes some getting used to, and you have to provide the data yourself and be able to process it. if you have data, you just need to convert it to WGS84 with geographic coordinates and save it out as an ASC file. you can then embed that in DEM Earth. Finding data is a job in itself. There is no one place to go to.

  1.  If you don't mind paying for data. you can get data from airbus. 
  2. Otherwise, if you have a specific region in mind and know what you need, I can have a look for you and give you a quote. I charge by the hour for data processing,research and extractions. Get in touch, maybe I can help.

Hey Paul, thank you for replying.

I know you just release DEM Earth v4, but I'm still on R19. Do I need to upgrade to R21 to benefit from the 4 data sets?

I'll get in touch with you about a quote.



this very much depends on your support date.

if you have version 3.12, you will need a new account, and a new version. You will get both if your support is up to date. 

1. if your support is up to date. Simply make a support ticket to get the latest version for R19.

3.163 is the version you need for c4d R16 to R19

if your support has expired, and you don't want to upgrade your c4d version, and DEM Earth version, it is enough to renew your support.

the new data sets are only available with R4.xx for R21 and beyond.

Hey Paul.

I'm on 3.163 right now, I purchased pretty recently. Is there a newer version available for R19, or is that it?

So what you're saying is, I won't get the new data sets, unless I upgrade to R21 and DEM v4?

to get a newer version, you would have to upgrade to DEM Earth 3.xx for R20 (3.701) or DEM Earth 4.xx R21 (>=4.005)

the new data sets are only available in R21 and onward, moving forward.

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