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Cinema coordinates matching real world coordinates

 I am needing a way to create the terrain that respects real world coordinates. Meaning, the XYZ coordinates in Cinema mimic real world coordinates. Is there a way DEM Earth can do this? I also just noticed OSM Importer does this with splines and wondering if that may be a part of the solution.

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You can enter real coordinates into DEM Earth.  

The OpenStreetmap database provides accurate information about buildings roads and many more features, all using real geographic coordinates, which can be mapped onto, and used with, DEM Earth.

I don't think I made myself clear. I can enter coordinates and get a map made, but the geometry is placed at the origin (0,0,0). I need the coordinates to be the same in Cinema. For instance, if I'm looking up something in the world at (10, 2, 56), I want it to appear in Cinema at (10, 2, 56) instead of at the origin.


Yeah I agree.  It would be very helpful to have a quick way to set C4D's units and scale to match a DEM earth object.  So I could create, say, a circle object with a diameter of 10km and know that it corresponds with my DEM earth terrain. 

You can almost do this already.


create a DEM Earth.

Create and other DEM Earth and place it as a child of the first

disable the first parent DEM Earth

DE parent (disabled)

--- DE Child (enabled)

now drag and move the child center.

the child now moves relative to the parent when you change its offset.

I will look into setting up an easy way to do this without a parent.

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