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very large area seems to re-download everytime project is opened

 I built an map comprised of a bunch of about 40 tiles. I have baked them but the (no disabled) original dem earth objects are still in the project. Upon closing and reopening the project, it seems to be going through the same download process as originally building the project... It has been going for about 15 minutes now and is still downloading various *.zip files. 

Also, my network monitor reflects that this is actually downloading (not pulling from a cache on the drive somewhere)

If I click anywhere on the screen, it seems to lock up (rainbow ball)

Is there anyway to prevent the re-download from occurring? 


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fixed in  version 2,70

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check out version 2.2 where this should be resolved.

you can turn of the the download setting, in the data set tab, to prevent any downloads.

Actually I have this happens with a large area even in version 2.50 .. When I open a project, it starts to constantly download DEM data, and because that area is large it takes a long time. 

I do not know how it will go in the new 2.62 version, but I don't think that something will change.

it is not possible to know if a tile exists without first trying to download it. turn off downloads in your object , once you have downloaded what you need. I told you this before.



fixed in  version 2,70

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