DEM Earth 2.62 released

After much deliberation, I finally released version 2.62, as a free update.

This is the final update for version 2

I hope there is some appreciation for what has gone into this. I considered charging for this update, as it is much more than just a bug fix update. 

Version 2.62  Mar 17th 2015

  • Massive speedup for 90m data access (up to 10 x faster downloads) 
  • Improved - ASC embedding and fixed some refresh bugs, when changing between data-sets. 
  • Added - Bing Map Layer  (More info here..) 
  • Added - UVW - option added. Makes it much easier to transfer DEM Earth to external engines (such as unity)
  • Improved OSM Importer. Added the ability to import custom OSM data, exported from global mapper, or other apps, where reference ID's have negative numbers.
  •  Improved - OSM Importer. Now uses double longs, which is now essential as the OSM database has become huge.
  • Added TR Support  (More Info here..) 
  • Added - Disclaimer for Image downloads. 
  • Improved - Downloading Performance.  
  • Added - Several new image layer links, including the awesome Tweetmap
  • Fixed- A distortion problem, as coordinates move away from the equator. Causing an undesirable latitude stretch. 
  • Improved - sloppy texture updating in editor on child objects when stacking multiple DEM Earth objects. 
  • Added - Rounding setting. This lets you turn the good old square DEM Earth, into a round DEM Earth. (bit slow in this version but i'm working on it)
  • Changed - Abstraction now only effects above sea level. 
  • Added - Proxy Settings to prefs. 
  • Added - secure SSL connection to license, and height data servers. 
  • Fixed - An issue preventing the strata being built after object was turned off.


Good morning;

we need to update our DEM Earth licence.

Can we bought diectly from their online shop or there is a different procedure?

In upgrading of program is included the update of annual service?

Best regards

Danilo Attolino

S.J.S. Engineering Srl

if your service has expired, Use the online shop, and select the option for expired service. this will get you the update, and add one year to your support.

at this time, we are now at version 2.88


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