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Tile alignment issue

I really love this plugin but I'm having problems when I nest several DEM earth objects. 

I am creating a very large map using the new Align feature and it doesn't seem to work all the time. If I have a central tile, then create 8 new DEM objects, aligning them in the NW, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, and W positions, the tiling is perfect and seamless. But if I stray from that model, I start getting gaps in between the tiles. In the attachment, you can see the gaps in the render and see my hierarchy.

I also tried to move the tiles, but it seems that when using the Align option I'm not able to. 

With all that said, is there a way to nudge the tiles so they have no seam? Or, is there a better way to set up the scene so I won't get these gaps. 



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you should make a ticket for this, and provide your version number and account name. and attach your scene. if your support is up to date, we will take a look.

looking at your image, you are doing it wrong.  Everything needs to run from one parent, you have lots of parents. The way you have it setup has several different reference points. I also can not imagine why you are doing it like this, with so many dem earth objects.

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