DEM Earth R3 released

We are proud to announce that DEM Earth R3 was released on September 9th, 2015. this is a great new releases with some significant new features.

All previous R2 or R3 owners can upgrade to R3, immediately, via the website.

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The upgrade is available on the main DEM earth page, in the upgrade TAB.

  • if you purchased R2.xx after September 10th, you can make a ticket for a free upgrade, if you qualify for the free upgrade, please make a support ticket, here ion the helpdesk.
  • If you purchased before September 10th, this is a paid upgrade. A notification email, was sent to everyone on the mailing list, with a good upgrade offer.

R2 users can upgrade immediately after paying or is this a free upgrade from R2.88?

Where on the website do you get this update?

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