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Geo Modifier Flattens on Render

Hi there,

I'm enjoying the new Geomodifier tool, but having a big issue in using it practically.

I've got a square shape that I'm using to create only a specific region of my mountain terrain, and then animating the position of that square as it moves over the terrain. 

Looks great when I preview it in the perspective window, but when I attempt to render the animation out, the terrain flattens, losing its elevation geometry, leaving only the texture.

I also find that on restarting Cinema 4D and reloading the project file, the same thing happens even in the perspective window, and I have to rebuild the geomodifier/square animation to restore the terrain geometry. Even then, it renders out flat.

Would love some advice on this.


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The geo-modifier needs a DEM Earth object to work. Make sure the dem earth object is on. if you have it turned off, the geo-modifier, in the rendered scene, will not find a dem earth object. and render flat.

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