DEM Earth 3.39 released.

Cinema4D version R20 

MACOS + Windows (7,8,10)


  • Free update for any license purchased during or since September 2018 
  • Free update if you have paid for a DEM Earth for R20 upgrade. 


In all other cases you need to upgrade your DEM Earth license to the R20 version.

your support needs to be up to date to get your node lock changed to your R20 number.

Version 3.39  April 2019  (R20 mac + win)

  • Updated - CSV importer
  • Poly Importer rebuild - of the MACOS version. This was an absolute nightmare.
  • Improved - Smart OSM optimizations. 

Version 3.32  April 2019  (R20 mac + win)

  • Added - Some useful info to the downloader tab (Tile count, image size etc.)
  • Complete rebuild - of the MACOS version. This was an absolute nightmare.
  • Changed - DEM Earth prefs are now grouped under prefs.
  • Fixed - Several OSM importer bugs..
  • Fixed - OSM bug causing strange lines. this was due to me using UInt32  instead of Int64 for node id's
  • Fixed - Drag drop ASC import was being clipped.
  • Added - 32bit tiff single channel height map export from the image loader. This lets you export the height map for use as displacement.
  • Fixed - Bug where the setting for image preview size was ignored.
  • Changed - Welded image output to tiff format. this dramatically improves load and preview refresh time.
  • Faster  - Tile welding pass
  • Added - Threaded texture downloader. up to 100x faster downloads depending on your CPU and bandwidth.

Any Questions? Please make a support ticket.

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