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Viewport Optimization (View settings that make some difference)

  1. if your object has textures or materials (usually the case) switching your viewport hardware texture mode to Mipmap will give you at least a 15% speed for large clone counts.
  2. Viewport Transparency. If you have some transparent material in your scene,having this set to anything but 0, is a heavy hit. with lot of clones. Best is not to show Transparency at all in the viewport.
  3. Shadows. Shadows are expensive. The higher the Max shadows, the slower things will be. Shadows off, is a fair bit faster.
  4. Back Face culling. Best not to activate this. It will cost you 10% performance.
  5. If the NCache is selected, c4d does something which slows it down. possibly the highlight which seems to be generated in a shader, on the fly. If you deselect NCache, you will get maximum speed, as c4d no longer wants to generated the highlight. 
  6. Turning off Realtime values in prefs, gives a good speedup.
  7. select all of your materials. in material Viewport/display turn off Normal's and the Reflectance, for a good 10 to 20% speedup with lots of clones. Displaying the Normal's channel is expensive.

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